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  • DI-Carrefour63-OM

     Iftar on a Shoestring

    The end of Ramadan is near ― 5 tips on how to make it through the final week without going broke &nb...

  • AP-GamalAbdelNasser

    A Forgotten Revolution?

    A decade ago, on the anniversary of the 1952 Revolution, Egypt Today looked back at how Gamal Abdel ...

  • Muslim prayer at holy mosque

    FAQ Fatwas

     Dar Al-Iftaa answers the questions frequently asked by the growing Muslim population abroad   ...

  • Free_Officers,_1953

    Youssef Seddik’s 1952 Revolution 

    A Free Officer’s daughter shares memories of her forgotten father   By Farah El-Akkad  On...

  • IS-Quran

    Ramadan Reality Check

    Newcomers to Egypt are often bedazzled ― and confounded ― by the  holiday season in the capital &nbs...

  • 2

    Do I Look Muslim Enough to You?

    It’s not surprising that many Westerners who choose to convert to Islam decide to move to an Islamic...

  • El Sayed El Oula

    Steamy Serials

      With Ramadan soaps winding down to a close, here’s the word on the street about what ma...

  • SudaneseRefugee

    Displaced in Egypt

    Refugees and asylum seekers are often excluded from the Ramadan charity circle as they wait in burea...

  • DI-DriedFruits-ALB

    Ramadan Around Egypt

    Egypt Today spoke with people across the country to learn about their favorite traditions.   By...

Ramadan Guide

Muslim prayer at holy mosque

FAQ Fatwas


Ramadan Reality Check

El Sayed El Oula

Steamy Serials


Ramadan Around Egypt


Chicken Sharkaseya

Courtesy of: Nahdet El MahrousaDate:11/04/2013

A Time for Giving

Instead of making them fast, teach kids to feel for the orphaned or needy this Ramadan.

Fasting too Fast?




Food Today


Travel Today

Nature Notes

Food Today

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