Introducing Minu: Natural Hair & Body Care Products Crafted With Love


Thu, 24 Dec 2020 - 08:49 GMT

Miu's Products

Miu's Products

Our skin and hair deserve to be treated with love and care, and the best gift for both is natural products that refrain from the use of harsh and harmful chemicals. Proudly made in Egypt, Minu is a brand for natural soap bars, haircare, skincare, and body products that are bound to give you the pampering you deserve. Crafted with love, Minu offers a range of products made of premium natural oils and molded with artisanal craftsmanship, you are bound to indulge in a heavenly experience.

Promising upscale quality and noticeable results, all Minu’s products contain natural oils such as castor oil, palm olein oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. The products include other natural ingredients to enrich the benefits of healthy skin and hair. All products have essential oils for scent in minimum allowed amounts in addition to natural keratin, amla, tea tree oil, chamomile, and anise.

For healthy hair, Minu shampoo products treat scalp irritation, combat dandruff, and hair loss, boost hair growth, and give a soothing effect. The shampoos contain a mix of natural oils, mainly coconut, olive, and castor oils, with the addition of some herbs and natural ingredients that nourish the hair and scalp, such as garlic, chamomile, anise, and onion. The shampoo bars are available with natural kertain, amla, tea tree, chamomile, and anise.
As for Minu’s Cream Douche, it is made mainly of a rich mixture of natural oils such as coconut, olive, castor and palm olein, and other natural additions. The Cream Douche gives your body a soothing effect and leaves your skin rejuvenated, bright and soft. Available with turmeric, coffee, crushed pumpkin seeds, and activated charcoal.

For glowing and rejuvenated skin pamper yourself with a selection of fine soap bars made from natural ingredients that treat several skin problems. For younger skin, the Bitter Gum soap gives an instant lifting effect, improves the texture, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. For a skin detox, the Activated Charcoal soap cleans the skin deeply and maintains smooth and even-toned skin. The Tea Tree Bars prevents the buildup of chemicals and dead skin, and can also be used for the hair to reduce dandruff and hair loss. Minu also offers a wide range of other soap bars that treat other skin and body problems.




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