Exclusive New Platform Connecting Stars with their Fans: Minly Launches in Middle East


Thu, 08 Oct 2020 - 11:54 GMT

Minly team- press photo

Minly team- press photo

Minly, a tech start-up founded earlier this year, has launched its online marketplace presenting a platform for fans to book personalized videos from their favorite celebrities in the Middle East. The platform bridges the gap between fans and celebrities by creating a safe and secure space to personalize this connection. The application has attracted over a hundred superstars from a diverse set of fields including sports, music, cinema, and television. 
Minly is led by entrepreneurs Tarek Hosny and Mohamed El-Shinnawy, who bring experience from top firms in technology and entertainment, including MBC’s Shahid, Careem, Emerge Technology, Disney, Apple, Netflix, Mobily and Vodafone. Hosny and Shinnawy founded the company in partnership with Tarek El Ganainy’s TVision, the media production arm behind widely distributed shows across the Middle East such as SNL Arabia. And Ahmed Abbas’ DigiSay, a leader in digital content management and protection with over 36 billion views across online platforms with partnerships with YouTube and Facebook. Minly is also backed by Foundation Ventures and HOF Capital, a global venture capital firm whose investments include Uber, Alibaba, and Epic Games.
With Minly’s platform, fans can browse from a catalog of top celebrities, and request a personalized video shout-out from their favorite star. The celebrity then receives the request and records a shout-out for the fan to enjoy, download, and share. Minly shout-outs are an ideal gift for friends or loved-ones on birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. Fifi Abdou, Asala, Latifa, Hassan El-Raddad, Dorra Zarrouk, Amr Saad, Sawsan Badr, Hany Ramzy, Ahmed Rizk, Ahmed Zaher, Wael Gassar, Waleed Tawfik, Hazem Imam, Trezeguet, and Mido are among the stars that are ready to engage with fans across the region.
Soon, Minly will serve other forms of entertainment and fan experiences beyond shout-outs. Tarek Hosny, CEO of the company, affirmed the vision to create a leading digital platform for stars in the region stating, “Our top priority is spreading positive experiences for fans and celebrities alike. Minly fills an unsolved need by providing both of them with more authentic connectivity than social media. Over time, we think that Minly has the chance to usher forward a new category of personalized digital content and entertainment.”
The company’s team is split between Dubai and Cairo and aims to serve a global audience. “We are initially focused on entertainment in Egypt, since it is often a cultural tastemaker for the rest of the Middle East, and we look forward to rapidly expand to other markets across the region”, stated Hosny.
Minly’s platform systematically monitors content shared and recorded to ensure a positive experience for both users and celebrities. “We have strict guidelines that prohibit hateful and violent content including negative slurs and criticisms. Our user experience teams work to ensure a safe, creative, and fun environment for anyone using the application”, stated the company’s CTO, Mohamed El-Shinnawy.
With a booming entrepreneurial spirit and an increasing investment volume across the Middle East, Minly aims to be a leader among startups across the region focused on digital entertainment. The company’s business model leaves it uniquely situated to tap into growing enthusiasm across both established entertainment verticals such as film and sports, as well as growing forms of entertainment such as gaming and social media. With over 100 top stars already signed onto the platform, Minly is well positioned for swift and steady growth in the years ahead.
About Minly
Minly is a platform that enables the spread of positivity from (من) a celebrity to (لي) their fan, with the purpose of creating joyous and unforgettable moments through personalized fan experiences. Minly’s initial product is an online marketplace available on Android, iOS, and Web where fans can book customized video shout-outs from a celebrity of their choosing. Over a hundred superstars including athletes, musicians, and movie stars will be available for booking following launch. Minly’s founding team brings experience from leading companies including MBC’s Shahid, Careem, Emerge Technology, Disney, Apple, Netflix, and Vodafone. The company is supported by top partners in the entertainment industry, TVision and Digisay, along with global investment firms HOF Capital and Foundation Ventures.
Mobile application: https://gominly.page.link/download
Website: https://minlyapp.com
Facebook: https://bit.ly/33DkA1r
Instagram: https://bit.ly/33yFj6f



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