10 Ways to Spot a Gold Digger Early on


Thu, 09 Sep 2021 - 03:56 GMT

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When talks about money overtake talks about love, sentiments, and emotions in any relationship, then this relationship will always be lacking and will eventually fade. In a culture where women are mostly financially dependent on men, it can be a bit confusing to discern normal financial talks from the red flags. Here, I want to speak about a certain type of women, gold diggers. It is hard to state the obvious here without being blunt – well, there’s no nice way to say it – but a gold digger isn’t in it for love, warm sentiments, or even is it about your character, it’s all about your money, how much you make, and how much you can spend. Since no man likes to be treated just like a walking ATM, here are signs to spot a gold digger early on before your relationship gets too deep.
1. Nice gestures and sweet talk are not the things they appreciate or even care about.
If you think that a flower bouquet or a box of chocolate would make them happy, you’ve guessed it wrong. Sentimental things have no value to gold diggers, it is always about things with high monetary value.
2. You can get away with a lot of things with just an expensive gift.
Save your apologies for yourself, or even promises of a corrective action, because this is not how gold diggers function. Two words; expensive gifts. While problems in relationships should be resolved with communication, a gold digger would prefer an expensive gift instead. Even if she was madly angry, she might even forget why she was angry in the first place if your gift succeeded to impress her.
3. A high sense of entitlement and lack of gratefulness.
A gold digger is never appreciative or grateful. They take everything for granted, including you. Even if you buy her a car or a house, it won’t sound like a big deal because in her mind she thinks ‘he should buy me one anyways’. Gold diggers don’t say ‘thank you’ because they feel entitled to have everything they want. 
4. They choose the fanciest places to hang out.
With a gold digger, you can’t wait for a special occasion to take her to the fanciest restaurant in town that should be a day-to-day lifestyle. Gold diggers want to always be seen in the trendiest post where the who’s who of the society usually hang out. Basically, you’ll have to take her to the places she won’t go to on a casual night-out with her friends.
5. They are constantly concerned with and curious about your financial status.
They don’t take too long before they ask you how much you make, even if you are at the early stages of getting to know each other because your financial status can be a deal-breaker. Gold diggers want to make sure your bank account is secured, your liabilities aren’t much, and that you can provide an extravagant lifestyle. They will even spend more energy, effort, and time securing that factor more than getting to know you.
6. Gold diggers are obsessed with social status.
They are running in a constant race with everyone around them. Gold diggers constantly compare themselves to their peers and hate it if a friend or two own more valuable possessions. They are obsessed with status and want to be on top of everything, and to them, this reflects in the car they drive, the house they live in, the diamonds they own. Their main objective is to maintain a good social image, which from their perspective is always monetary.
7. They are people-pleasers with superiors and total snobs with inferiors.
No, I don’t like to use the words superiors and inferiors but in the mindset of a gold digger, there’s always a ‘superior’ and an ‘inferior’ and what discerns between both is how much their bank accounts hold, and of course their social status. Gold diggers shower those who are financially superior to them with flattery and compliments, and are totally ill-mannered with those who are of a less social standard or rank, and barely give them any attention.
8. Gold diggers are ladder-climbers.
They like to associate themselves with the rich, famous, and popular. They get close to those who have powerful connections because gold-diggers love to have access to all the exclusive parties and tightly closed communities.
9. They never offer to support financially when needed.
Your shortage, your problem! They only care about your wallet when it’s full but when things go down, don’t expect them to offer any financial support. They know well how to take but not to give.
10. They are emotional manipulators.
Your capabilities to fulfill their financial needs is the determining factor of how they treat you. They are usually extra nice and sweet in two cases; either when they want something, or when you are filling their lives with expensive gifts and any monetary assets.
Now, if you expect this article to give you a rule of thumb to deal with gold diggers, I have no advice to give except this; run for your life, unless you are happy of course In that case then, your choice, your strategy.



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