3 powerful tools ElPlatform uses to compete on the forefront of the visual content


Wed, 07 Apr 2021 - 03:44 GMT

ElPlatform logo

ElPlatform logo

CAIRO – 7 April 2021: Every diligent observer or researcher who searches for information that is documented by many references are aware of the boom the visual content is witnessing in the Arab world.

Some of these references or platforms are stained with monotonous display of content despite its importance.

Others, like ElPlatform on Facebook and YouTube, display content in a smooth and straightforward way. These latter platforms become hugely popular.

Following the trend is a matter of necessity; this fact is well known to those working in media so that they can reach the largest number of readers and viewers.

Elplatform is also aware of this fact.

However, following the trend does not mean just narrating the already available information; it is also about shedding light on the hidden points so that they become brighter and allow the platform to gain an advantage over the competitors.

This is useful as it achieves the advertising goals and allows the platform to hit the target for which the content was created.

It is also an indication of the platform’s big database of sources.

At Elplatform, you have got an important piece of information that is documented and introduced after meeting all research requirements.

One final part is the way information is displayed.

ElPlatform relies on a set of important tools that it uses to make sure its videos achieve the desired goal.


The first tool is the language of the content. It is colloquial Egyptian and is spry enough to keep the viewers hooked.

Language in ElPlatform is like magic.

Also, including comics that the viewers are aware of is one of the smartest things to do.

The second smart tool is the diversity in videos.

A year ago, ElPlatform published a behind-the-scenes video about coronavirus.

It went viral due to the smooth language, the use of an international trend and the smart information display.

However, other factors include the intelligence of the visual content; that is the game of the film editor.

In ElPlatform, the editors are good followers of the Egyptian cinema and drama. They are expected to merge between a serious voice-over and a related fresh five-second comic.


The last and not the least powerful tool of ElPlatform that you should not underestimate is the content diversity and the tendency to address the thorny issues.

This is hard thing for a producer of a colloquial Egyptian entertaining content on social media to do.

ElPlatform has been doing that from day one as they are usually armed with documented information and spoken and visual amusing factors.

You can find this in a video that goes deep in beliefs, including a video namely “Gog and Magog” which cited nine references.

These three are not the only super tools; you can find plenty of them if you decide to make a tour in their website and YouTube channel and check their informative, yet simple content.



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