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First live video of Enas Ezz Eldeen from isolation hospital

Mon, Mar. 30, 2020
CAIRO - 30 March 2020: Actress Enas Ezz Eldeen appeared in her first video from inside the isolation hospital, Imbaba Fever Hospital, after confirming that she was infected with the new coronavirus.

“I completely accept what God destined for me. I am speechless towards all the love and concern from you all. Sometimes we are destined to go through hardships just to witness the love and care of others.”

Regarding the circulating rumors that say the actress faked her infection, she said, “I don't think anybody would do such a thing and drive people away by claiming to have caught a contagious disease.”

Ezz Eldeen further commented that she is not scared at all, and that she is positive she will overcome her infection.

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