Bahgaga to perform at El Sawy Cultural Wheel on May.30


Sat, 18 May 2019 - 10:59 GMT

The Egyptian band Bahgaga - Egypt Today.

The Egyptian band Bahgaga - Egypt Today.

CAIRO – 18 May 2019: The Egyptian band, Bahgaga, will perform at El Sawy Cultural Wheel on Thursday, May 30.

The band aims to revive the art of monologue, developing its composing style and music.

Bahgaga brings back the art of monologue through their own unique comedic and dramatic performances, tackling human struggles through humor.

The band is comprised of four girls; Asma Abulyazeid, Weam Essam, Raghda Galal and Samar Galal.

Monologue is a theatrical performance in which the singer/ actor expresses his/her own thoughts and beliefs in their own artistic creative approach.

In efforts to interact with the current Egyptian reality, Bahgaga doesn’t depend on heritage monologues but they compose and write their own monologues about human, political and societal conflicts.

Most of Bahgaga’s monologues are inspired by the ideas and lyrics of the band's members.

Bahgaga's performances depend on diverse instruments such as guitar, oud, keyboard and other percussion instruments that altogether create a modern effect.

The band targets entertaining audiences by breaking the routine and light-heartedly tackling societal and political issues which was clear in their monologue “Kalo Fel Hekam” in which different types of authoritarian individuals, who are now accepted by society, were depicted.

Also, the band composed a monologue during the 2012 presidential election shedding lights on some controversial political situations at that time.



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