Assala Nasri to perform in KSA on March 8



Wed, 27 Feb 2019 - 01:55 GMT


Wed, 27 Feb 2019 - 01:55 GMT

FILE - Assala Nasri

FILE - Assala Nasri

CAIRO –27 February 2019: Renowned Syrian singer Assala Nasri is set to hold a grand concert in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Friday, March 8, as part of a series of concerts held there by the Saudi Entertainment Authority.

Nasri will perform a selection of her most popular songs, such as; “El Haqiqa” (The truth), “Soal Basit” (A simple question), “Boadak Ani” (When you are away from me), “Ya Magnon” (You’re crazy), and “Min Fina” (Me or you?), among others.

In a different context, the famed singer has put thefinal touches on her new album in preparation for its release in the coming days. Nasri has unveiled one of the album's songs entitled “NoktaBaykha” (Bad joke).

Assala was born in Damascus, Syria to a middle class couple. Mostafa Nasri, Assala's father, was a revered composer and singer.

Assala began her musical career by performing patriotic, religious and children's songs when she was four years old.

She sang the theme song "Qessas Al-Sho'oub", of the cartoon show “Hekayat Alamiyah”. In 1986, Mostafa Nasri died after suffering from internal bleeding caused by a car accident.

Aged 17,Assala helped care for her siblings, Reem, Amani, Ayman and Ayham with her mother.

Assala's commercial musical career debuted in 1991 with the Egyptian song hit “Law Ta'rafou”.

The album had four Egyptian songs of the oriental classic Egyptian tarab style. The album was an instant hit in Egypt back at that time with heartbreaking songs like "Ya Sabra Yana" and "Samehtak Ketir".

She quickly cemented her presence in the Arab world's growing industry brimming with singers like Angham, Najwa Karam, Latifa, and Abdel Majeed Abdullah.



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