Roman era statue confiscated in port of Salloum


Mon, 31 Dec 2018 - 02:27 GMT

File - The confiscated statue

File - The confiscated statue

CAIRO - 31 December 2018:The archaeological unit of the port of Salloum, in cooperation with the port's police department, succeeded to confiscate a statue made of alabaster dating back to the Roman era with one of the passengers.

Head of the Central Administration of Ports and Archaeological Units Hamdi Hammam stated that the port authorities found the statue with one of the passengers; they suspected that the statue is an ancient archaeological piece.

FILE - Ancient Egypt

The authorities then presented it to the archaeological unit at the port and later confiscated it in favor of the Ministry of Antiquities, in accordance with the Antiquities Protection Act No. 117 of 1983 and its amendments.

Supervisor of the archaeological ports of Matrouh and Salloum, Khalil Ramadan, stated that the statue is a half-sized alabaster statue of a woman in the fourth decade, with a height of 27 centimeters.

The statue contained fragmented parts, in addition to what appeared as a Roman hairstyle and the remains of a head cover.



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