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Sun, 12 Aug 2018 - 02:50 GMT


Sun, 12 Aug 2018 - 02:50 GMT

President Sisi Launches Sohag Museum -  Egypt Today

President Sisi Launches Sohag Museum - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 12 August 2018: The word ‘museum’ means a place of art and archeology. The Museum of Sohag is a landmark in the history of its citizens in Sohag, not only for one generation but it has been so for three successive generations – for 30 years. This is the age of the museum from the day its foundations were laid to the day it was completed.

Important Numbers in the Museum’s History:
1- 1981: The foundational stones of this museum were first placed
2- 1991: The designs and architectural drawing began
3- 1993: The first contractor received the project
4- 1995: The Project was to be completed
5- 2018: All the facilities of the museum were completed
6- 4: The number of presidents the project passed through before being completed by current president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi
7- 8,700 square meters: The area the museum covers
8- LE 72 million: The total cost of the museum
9- 1,000: The number of archaeological pieces on display
10- LE 20: The cost of the ticket for national citizens and LE 10 for students.

According to Egypt Independent, this is one of the largest projects “in over a quarter of a century to attract tourists to the governorate.” Despite fluctuations in funding issues, the project is ready to bring tourism in Upper Egypt.

Ayman Abd El Moneim, governor of Sohag, explained that this national museum represents a strong boost for tourism in the governorate.

This museum contains archaeological artifacts of various ages. According to Elham Salah, head of the museum sector, this museum has a basement containing artifacts that show the religious ideology of ancient Egyptians.

There are also statues of kings and artifacts that shed light on the customs and traditions of families in the past, such as the textile industry in the city of Akhmin.
Salah expressed that the museum is not only going to display artifacts for the sake of entertainment, but the museum will also be organizing educational and cultural workshops for children to raise their awareness on the heritage of their ancestors. Some workshops will also teach young adults and women how to make traditional crafts, especially textiles that happens to be famous in Sohag.

Head of Administrative Control Authority also reviewed the stages of the construction of Sohag National Museum, noting that the museum’s idea came to implementation out of the state’s strategy to maintain the level, development and encourage Nile tourism.
“The foundation stone of the Sohag Museum was laid in 1989 until the president issued instructions to complete the project. It was completed on an area of 870 square meters at a total cost of LE 72 million,” Arfan stated.



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