Reem El Adl participates in CIFF with Abu Saddam film, workshop on costume design



Sun, 14 Nov 2021 - 10:30 GMT


Sun, 14 Nov 2021 - 10:30 GMT

File: Reem El  Adl and Nadine Khan.

File: Reem El Adl and Nadine Khan.


CAIRO - 14 November 2021:After her remarkable presence at the latest edition of El GounaFilm Festival, Egyptian Costume Designer Reem El Adl continues to engage in artistic activities and takes part in the 43th Cairo International Film Festival (Nov.26-Dec.5). 


She joins the festival’s International Competition with Abu Saddamfilm, directed by Nadine Khan, marking the only Egyptian film to be selected at the competition.


In addition to that, she will give a Costume Design workshop that is held as part of Cairo Industry Youth Days which is dedicated to students who are eager about films. 

Written and directed by Nadine Khan, Abu Saddam will land its world premiere at the festival.


The film stars Mohamed Mamdouh and Ahmed Dash and revolves around a veteran truck driver, who finally gets a transport mission on the North Coast Road after being unemployed for years.



He decides to fully accomplish his task in a way that befits his reputation. However, things get out of control when he encounters a small situation on the road.  

Cairo Industry Youth Day programme is held as part of Cairo Industry Days. 


It is a one-day workshop offered for the first time at (CIFF) and dedicated to students who are enthusiastic about films and eager for knowledge to begin their career in the movie industry, with the help of the guest speakers who will share their knowledge to help bridge the gap between the academic world and experience. 



Reem El Adl will hold a workshop on Costume Design where a wide array of film industry key figures will take part, including director Tamer Mohsenveteran production designer Onsi AbSeif and actorAsser Yassin

Reem El Adl posted a behind-the-scenes photo for her with director Nadine Khan on her official instagram page where she expressed her jubilation that her film will join CIFF. 



Reem's collaboration with Nadine Khan is one among a series of collaborations that gathered Reem with brilliant directors. Previously, Reem collaborated with prominent director MagdiAhmed Ali on MawlanaAmr Salama on Sheikh JacksonMohamed Diab on Clash and Hala Khalil on NawaraIn addition to that, she teamed up with Ahmad Abdalla on EXT. NIGHT, for which she received the Best Costume Design award at the Egyptian National Film Festival where her film Al Daifby Hadi El Bagouriwas vying for an award too and the list still goes on.


She collaborated with: Kamla Abuzekri on two series Segn El Nesa and Wahet El Ghoroub); GamalAbdel Hamid on Al Shawarea Al Khalfeya and MuhamadShaker Khodeir on Every Week Has A Friday

Reem’s participation at Cairo International Film Festival comes after her recent artistic activities that took place this year.


Recently, she joined El Gouna Film Festival and Carthage Film Festival (JCC) with her short film Khadija, directed by Mourad Mostafa. Furthermore, She co-instructed the Costume Design workshop, along with prolific American costume designer Deborah Landis, who worked on the costume design of a number of significant Hollywood works; Indiana Jonesfilm series and Thriller music video by Michael Jackson

She also gave a Masterclass within Cinegouna activites on Costume Design moderated by director Hala Khalil.


Earlier this yearAlexandria Short Film Festival selected Costume Designer Reem El Adl as a jury member at the festival’s latest edition in 2021.


This comes as part of her continuous support to young filmmakers and her wide interest to participate in short films, where she has taken part in designing costumes for eight short films last year.

Egyptian Costume Designer Reem El Adl worked on more than 30 films and TV series. Her name has been attached to daring works that take place in various times and settings. She studied Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts.



After working as an assistant costume designer in several films and TV series, she trained with veteran costume designer Nahed Nasrallah for a whole year.

Afterwards, she received her diploma from The Accademia Italiana Arte Moda Design in Florence, Italy. 

Marking her first experience in designing costumes for a play,Reem El Adl’s latest work is musical play Coco Chanel.

She has designed costumes for the dancers and performers in the play, in addition to two costumes for megastar Sherihan.



Recently, she designed the costumes of the latest Ad of Orange,El Gouna Film Festival’s official sponsor. The Ad featured Ahmed Malek, Jamila Awad, Ahmed Magdy and Tara Emad.


Furthermore, El Adl  took part in two episodes of Shahid’s serial drama Nemra Etnen; namely Farq Tawqeet by director Hadi El Bagouri, starring Shreene Reda and MagedEl Kedwany and Awel Embareh by director MuhamadShaker Khodeir, headlined by Menna Shalaby and Ahmed Malek




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