D-CAF to host performances by renowned French choreographers, musical duo



Mon, 11 Oct 2021 - 03:22 GMT


Mon, 11 Oct 2021 - 03:22 GMT

On October 11, D-CAF will host two groundbreaking performances from France: a concert by musical fusion duo Ko Shin Moon, and the dance performance AKZAK, choreographed by Hela Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux.

Choreographed by renowned duo Hela Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux, AKZAK is a mesmerizing homage to rhythm and movement in all their disjointed complexities. 

The title AKZAK is derived from the Turkish “aksak,” meaning limping. In Ottoman musical theory, the term refers to irregular cadences in Balkan music, which combine binary and ternary rhythms. The choreography brings twelve dancers into dialogue with Navarre’s delightfully experimental composition. 

AKZAK features dancers hailing from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, France, and Burkina Faso to create an enthralling synthesis of rhythmic cultures. The result is a youthful and lively blend of rhythms transcending genres and borders. 

After enchanting audiences across Europe and North Africa, AKZAK will make its Egyptian stage debut at the Tahrir Cultural Center (TCC’s) Falaki Theater. 

The Tahrir Cultural Center was established to revive the American University in Cairo (AUC)’s strong and important presence in the heart of downtown Cairo, a role which was left unfulfilled since the university’s move to New Cairo. Since its establishment, TCC has come to fill this gap, and has been a proud partner of D-CAF.

Ko Shin Moon (France)


At 9:30pm, French musical duo Ko Shin Moon will bring its infectious mixes to the stage of Rawabet Art Space. 

Ko Shin Moon was born in 2017, at the juncture of tradition and innovation. After a four-year sojourn in India spent collecting traditional instruments, French musician Axel Moon joined forces with fellow artist Niko Shin, owner of a recording studio housing a multitude of analog synths and other vintage gear. From the confines of Shin’s studio, the pair began to produce otherworldly, hybrid melodies combining traditional Eastern strings and electronic music. 

The musical duo’s signature sound is a patchwork of acoustic instruments, analog devices, sampling and field recordings from the world over, inviting listeners to embark on an entrancing multicultural journey. 

These shows were made possible by the generous assistance of our main supporters, the French Institute in Egypt and the French Embassy in Egypt. 

The Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival is produced by Orient for Film and Theater Productions and co-founded by Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment.




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