WUZZUF hosts recruitment, talent management event



Thu, 17 Jan 2019 - 04:12 GMT


Thu, 17 Jan 2019 - 04:12 GMT

FILE - WUZZUF hosts recruitment, talent management event

FILE - WUZZUF hosts recruitment, talent management event

CAIRO – 17 January 2018: WUZZUF in collaboration with Edge Innovation Center and ITWORX Education hosts on Thursday a one-day event for recruitment and talent management to look at how technology is disrupting human capital globally.

The one-day event, entitled "Talent in the Digital Era: Are we Ready for Gen Z?", includes sessions in two main tracks: Technology in Recruitment and Talent Management, providing CEOs, managing directors and HR professionals with end-to-end- insights and recommendations to prepare for the hunting, nurturing, and retention of their future workforce.

The event will feature key panels and talks from the Raya Group HR Director Hazem Abdel Hady and event partners, Erik Goldenberg - CEO of ITWORX Education and Founder and CEO of WUZZUF and FORASNA Ameer Sherif.

“At Edge, we are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporates to set their business forward especially with the rise of the digital era, raising the bar in different industries,” said Ahmed Khalil, CEO of Edge Innovation Center.

“We believe that the topic we’re discussing is particularly important in Egypt, as experts predict that millennials will occupy more than half of the entire workforce by 2020. We’ve partnered up with WUZZUF and IT WORX Education to present content of extreme value to business decision makers and prepare for their future workforce planning,” he added.

“Our mission at ITWORX Education is to enable lifelong learning for all,” commented Erik Goldenberg, CEO of ITWORX Education. “People and organizations need to constantly learn to grow, develop, improve and succeed, and our technologies make this possible in a scalable and accessible way.”

Ameer Sherif, founder and CEO of WUZZUF and FORASNA said: “Part of WUZZUF’s role as a market leader in Egypt is to draw helpful insights that push the whole industry forward. Overseeing both sides of professionals and employers -supply and demand- with more than 20,000 employers and 1.5 million job seekers, we can already see the challenges with recruiting younger generations who are in fact the coming decade’s senior managers and executives. Our mission is to tech-enable every employer with the smart tool that helps them win the talent war over the best caliber especially in today's challenging workforce market.”

During the event, a panel on strategic workforce planning will be featured, in which the analytic forecasting and planning process that connects and directs technology to talent management activities will be discussed.

A second panel, Tech vs. Touch, will dive into the conundrum of this day and age: The relationship between technology and the human touch and the equation for finding the right balance between them to achieve the best results.

The panels will be followed by breakout sessions in two tracks: Technology in Recruitment, including topics like “Employer Branding”, “Accessing your needs before a tech purchase” and “How AI helps cutting through the candidate ocean seeking the right talent”.

The Talent Management track will include sessions on “learning by storytelling”, "Employee retention” and “Learning & development tech solutions, tools, and impact”.



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