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Thu, 29 Nov 2018 - 02:34 GMT


Thu, 29 Nov 2018 - 02:34 GMT

Innovation Arena held at Cairo ICT 2018 - Egypt Today

Innovation Arena held at Cairo ICT 2018 - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 29 November 2018: For the third consecutive year, hundreds of the most promising entrepreneurs, innovators and startups have gathered at the Innovation Arena in Cairo ICT 2018 to display their innovative discoveries, attend the pitch battle and build a network.

A number of those entrepreneurs have registered beforehand to participate in the pitch battle held daily throughout the four-day exhibition. The selected entrepreneurs got 120 seconds to pitch their ideas and disruptive technologies before the jury and audience.

The pitch battle has witnessed a sharp competition between young innovators and promising ideas in the areas of health, education, social networking, smart cities, digital payments and electronic applications.

Those founders participated at the pitch battle not only for the sake of the final awards, but also to attract investment that will aid them in escalating their businesses in steady moves.

Sami al-Ahmad, founder of Marj3 project, was one of the prominent entrepreneurs who participated on the first day of the pitch battle, with his experience in creating online platform for searching scholarships and educational opportunities.

On the second day, Eventy startup participated with its innovative business model and creative idea. Eventy is a digital and marketing agency that offers business solutions and products.

Also, many startups got stands to promote and market their products in the annual exhibition. Arabia Parts and PIK SMARTE were among the top startup exhibitors which took the opportunity of the exhibition to advance their ideas and projects.

The founder of Arabia parts startup hailed the organization of the exhibition, telling Egypt Today that "it provides an opportunity for his startup to engage with other entrepreneurs in a fun and dynamic environment."

During the honor ceremony of ICT 2018 Exhibition, the winning entrepreneurs received awards estimated by LE 500,000.

Osama Kamal, the chief executive officer of Trade Fair Corporation, which also organizes Cairo ICT, said at the ceremony, "Countries are now investing heavily in innovation,” pointing out that countries should start focusing on technological innovation if they look for leadership in the future.

CAIRO ICT 2018 goes beyond being an ordinary exhibition in the area of technical achievements; it has already become a unique platform where experts and professionals from various ICT fields gather to offer ample opportunities and the latest developments for all fields of activity that play an important role in ensuring economic sustainability, social well-being and in further raising the living standards of the population.

Under the slogan “Driving Transformation”, the 22nd round of Cairo International Exhibition and Conference on Telecommunication and Information Technology (ICT 2018) kicked off on Nov. 25 at Egypt International Exhibitions Center.



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