Women make the headlines on 3rd day of voting



Wed, 28 Mar 2018 - 02:44 GMT


Wed, 28 Mar 2018 - 02:44 GMT

FILE - An Egyptian citizen checks out a morning newspaper at a roadside newspapers stand.

FILE - An Egyptian citizen checks out a morning newspaper at a roadside newspapers stand.

CAIRO – 28 March 2018: As the presidential vote enters its third and final day, Egypt’s newspapers highlight the Egyptian participation over the first two days.

On Wednesday March 28, Egyptians continued to turn up at the polls for the third and final day of the vote; voting is scheduled to conclude at 9:00 p.m. (CLT) and the process of counting the votes will begin an hour later.

The state-run Al Ahram newspaper’s front page emphasized the participation of women and young people, whose turnout was remarkably high on the second day; the headline read: “the battle of the democracy continues."


Al Wafd newspaper hailed the high turnout observed on the second day of the presidential election, attributing this to the people’s high level of awareness and cognizance.


The main headline of the privately-owned Al Youm Al Sabe’ (the seventh day) newspaper singled out the remarkable participation of Egyptians in the governorates of Upper Egypt.


“While women are always at the forefront (of the elections), young people are the real heroes of the second day,” the headline said.

Once again, the high participation of women in the election makes the main headlines of Al-Masy Al Youm newspaper, which also said that mobilizing the vote will continue.


“LE 15 million were allocated for the citizens of the constituencies that saw the highest turnout in the New Valley governorate, and 22 free Umrah trips are granted for voters in Qalioubia governorate,” Al-Masry Al youm added in its front page on Wednesday.

“Egypt is proud of its youth,” Al-Akhbar newspaper’s headline read, encouraging people to go out and participate in the vote.


The voter turnout is higher than that in the election race between ex-MB President Mohamed Morsi and former Prime Minister and presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafik, Al-Watan’s front-line highlighted.


The three-day Egyptian presidential election commenced on Monday as polling stations started to welcome voters at 9 a.m. (CLT); the voting proceeds until 9 p.m. (CLT)

According to the National Election Authority, 18,000 judges are observing the vote, with nearly 110,000 election officials deployed to ensure that voting procedures are properly followed.

A total of 54 local organizations, nine international organizations and 680 foreign correspondents received permits to observe the electoral process in Egypt.
The winning presidential candidate is due to be sworn into office in June 2018.



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