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Ramadan Guide

 Iftar on a Shoestring


The end of Ramadan is near ― 5 tips on how to make it through the final week without going ...

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FAQ Fatwas

Muslim prayer at holy mosque

 Dar Al-Iftaa answers the questions frequently asked by the growing Muslim population abroad   by Dominika Maslikowski   It’s a ...

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Ramadan Reality Check


Newcomers to Egypt are often bedazzled ― and confounded ― by the  holiday season in the capital   By Dominika ...

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Do I Look Muslim Enough to You?


It’s not surprising that many Westerners who choose to convert to Islam decide to move to an Islamic country. But ...

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Steamy Serials

El Sayed El Oula

  With Ramadan soaps winding down to a close, here’s the word on the street about what many have branded ...

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Ramadan Around Egypt


Egypt Today spoke with people across the country to learn about their favorite traditions.   By Farah El-Akkad   Ramadan ...

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Ramadan in Memory Lane


Once upon a time, people celebrated the Holy Month without TV and other technology by Farah Al Akkad   Next ...

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Chicken Sharkaseya


Ingredients 5 white toast slices, crusts removed 4 garlic cloves, roughly chopped 1/4 cup whole walnuts 5 tbsp butter 1/2 ...

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A Time for Giving

Courtesy of: Nahdet El MahrousaDate:11/04/2013

A roundup of organizations in need of your time and money As thoughts turn to zakat (charity) for the Holy ...

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Diabetic During Ramadan


Veteran advice about safe fasting for people with diabetes by Farah El Akkad   Fasting is challenging enough for those ...

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