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Traveling Safe

Put safety first when you’re planning your next trip

By ET staff


With the winter cold now over, long weekends and relaxing getaways beckon. It’s not just a physical break we’re searching for, but a mental break from the politics and turmoil that is Egypt post revolution. Certainly part of the stress comes from the increasing number of carjackings and kidnappings being reported in the media ― reports that might persuade you to stay home instead. With a little common sense and caution, you should be able to get out of town without incident.

Pick the Right Time
While it is difficult to predict which events will spark clashes or how long they’ll last, protests are generally well publicized in advance. It’s best to avoid traveling when a major event is taking place that may result in clashes. Even when a demonstration does turn violent, the clashes have been localized ― other parts of the city are often unaffected.

Make it a Party
Maybe you’ve always wanted to go camping or visit that eco-lodge in the middle of nowhere, but more populated destinations are the better option in times of uncertainty. The adage “safety in numbers” definitely holds true here. One person driving alone is an opportune target for a criminal; large groups are a big deterrent. If you must travel by yourself, notify your family or friends of your route; program emergency numbers for speed dial on your phone.

Stay on the Map
When you can afford it and it’s accessible, traveling by plane is always the best choice ― it’s not just safer, but faster as well. When you are traveling by car, plot your route on roads known to be safe, with a constant flow of cars. Avoid less-raveled roads, remote areas or unmapped routes.

Don’t Stop …
On the road, try to leave room to maneuver by keeping a car length between you and other drivers. Keep your doors locked and windows up, and don’t stop for random strangers standing on the side of the road. If it looks like they’re in trouble, contact the emergency services rather than offering help yourself.

But If You Must
Should you run into car trouble, try to get your vehicle to a well-lit, public area. If you should get into an accident on the road, don’t roll down your windows or get out of the car until you carefully assess the situation or call for help. Some carjackers purposely cause accidents in order to lure the driver out of the car. Et

Put it on Speed Dial
122 is the number to dial to report an emergency or call for help.

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