Zamalake faces Harase El Hedoud in the Egyptian league


Wed, 05 Feb 2020 - 08:51 GMT

Zamalek - FILE

Zamalek - FILE

Zamalek French coach Patrice Carteron held a session with the team players before the start of the training session on Tuesday at Abdel Latif Abu Regaila Stadium at the club's headquarters.

Midfielder Ferjani Sassi took part in the training session after he missed the past two days with permission from the coaching staff, and the Tunisian is ready to face Haras El Hedoud on Wednesday in the Egyptian Premier League.

Meanwhile, striker Mustafa Mohamed got a rest with permission from Carteron, especially since he will be absent from Haras El Hedoud match because of the suspension.

Carteron explained before the training some technical matters for the players to be applied against Haras El Hedoud in the Cairo stadium in the 16th round of the league.

Zamalek is fifth in the league standings, with a score of 25 points.

The White Knight hopes to correct his domestic path after he tied in the last round with a goal to play against the Tigris Valley.

After the border, Zamalek is a guest of Ismaili before heading to Qatar in preparation for the Tunisian Esperance match in the African Super Cup on February 14th.

And from Doha to Abu Dhabi to fight Al-Ahly in the Egyptian Super Cup on February 20.

On Wednesday, Zamalek is awaiting the draw for the African Champions League quarter-finals to identify its next competitor in the continental championship.

Zamalek will play against the Tunisian coastal star, Esperance, or South African Mamelodi Sun Downs.



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