El Clasico by the Pyramids



Tue, 22 Mar 2022 - 05:38 GMT


Tue, 22 Mar 2022 - 05:38 GMT

CAIRO-22 March 2022: On Sunday 20 March, the most watched club football match on the planet, ELCLASICO, brought together more than 500 people under the pyramids of Giza, Egypt. On the occasion of this legendary match, LaLiga, in collaboration with the agency Nojara, launched an ambitious bid to unite football, e-sports and live music in an unprecedented project in the field of entertainment.

The event, which was attended by leading personalities from the world of Egyptian football, art, content creators, business as well as representatives from more than 20 national and international embassies and institutions, consisted of 3 acts:

First, two e-sports teams faced each other in a series of virtual matches simulating ELCLASICO. The attendees were able to challenge the professional gamers who, on this occasion, were the ones who, with their skill at the controls, decided which of the two teams would win in up to 5 virtual matches, played on giant screens. The result of the match was in favour of the ‘’Whites’’, who were victorious on 3 occasions compared to 2 for the Blaugrana.

The virtual matches were followed by an exhibition of freestyle football where the audience enjoyed the talents of promising young footballers. After a speech by the Spanish Ambassador, His Excellency Ramón Gil Casares and Raúl Ostalé, LaLiga's representative in Egypt, the match kicked off and was screened on giant screens located in the venue itself, with the great pyramid of Cheops as a backdrop.

After witnessing the victory of Barcelona, and as a climax to the Watch Party, the Egyptian hip hop stars Lege_cy and MUHAB, who created the song ''NO PROBLEMA'' for this event, performed live the piece as well as some of their greatest hits. The video clip, recorded for the occasion, has reached 2 million views in youtube in 48 hours.

‘’Football is no longer an isolated element within the entertainment industry. At LaLiga we are aware that our fans are increasingly demanding and that we have to be able to adapt to a new reality, where the spectator is the protagonist'' - Raúl Ostalé, LaLiga Delegate in Egypt, Sudan and Libya pointed out ''ELCLASICO is a celebration of sport and a spectacle without equal in the entertainment industry that serves as a central pillar on which a unique event is built to bring together football, e-sports and music'', added Raúl Ostalé.

To carry out this project, LaLiga has been supported by the agency Nojara, Media and Communications partner in the region of the Spanish company. CEO Tarek Nojara said ''Fans are the driving force in our decision making process, that's why we focus on offering them innovative, unique and relevant experiences, always looking for new partnerships and collaborations with entertainment industry leaders in different regions''.

With this Watch Party and under the hashtag #ElClasicoinEgypt, Laliga, wanted to celebrate this new reality, integrating football, music and e-sports in a unique experience in the region that seeks to set a precedent and drive open dialogue and organic interaction between fans, brands and content creators, using football and ELCLASICO as a driving force.   



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