Your Long-lasting Sporty, Comfy and Reliable neckband earphone. Here is the HUAWEI FreeLace Pro


Tue, 02 Mar 2021 - 11:54 GMT

 Your Long-lasting Sporty, Comfy and Reliable neckband earphone. Here is the HUAWEI FreeLace Pro

Your Long-lasting Sporty, Comfy and Reliable neckband earphone. Here is the HUAWEI FreeLace Pro

You have probably heard the buzz surrounding Huawei’s latest extra-long battery life & top-grade noise-cancelling neckband earphones – HUAWEI FreeLace Pro – for the fashionable, always on-the-move city dwellers. We have finally laid our hands on these striking and stylish neckband earphones and together we are going to explore them and tell you what we think.


The HUAWEI FreeLace Pro is currently available on Huawei’s official website and at Huawei Experience Stores and official distributors in Egypt starting priced at EGP 2,299 in colour variants of Graphite Black, and Spruce Green.


Enough power to last all-day

Having enough power to go through your day in an earphone is equally as important as having top-quality sound, agree? Thankfully, Huawei’s latest neckband earphones comes with a battery that can last for 24 hours (with Noise Cancellation off) on a single full charge. Whether you are outdoor exercising or commuting from home to work or the other way round, you won’t have to worry about the battery bailing out on you. Best part is charging the HUAWEI FreeLace Pro is as quick as it can get. Simply plug it in your smartphone, tablet or laptop and let the HUAWEI HiPair do its magic – a 5-minute charge can provide you with 5 hours of playback.


Get rid of unwanted sound

Briefly, the HUAWEI FreeLace Pro is the noise cancellation neckband earphones with dual active noise cancellation and as well as three-microphone call noise cancellation, which is carefully customized for the hustle and bustle of the city. Simply put, it’s perfect for calls, music playback or when watching the latest episode of your favourite series. You sometimes need to be aware of your surroundings with noise cancellation on, thankfully the HUAWEI FreeLace Pro also comes with an Awareness Mode feature, which enables you to hear announcements, and pay attention to your surrounding without having to take your earphones off.


Intelligent Connection

As usual with Huawei, we expect devices that are user-friendly and intelligently designed. HUAWEI HiPair enables seamless pairing between the earphones and your smartphone. Once you plug in the USB-C connector into your smartphone the smartphone will automatically pop up a connection prompt window, and quickly complete the Bluetooth pairing in a single step. Additionally switching between two paired devices has never been easier: For instance, if you are attending a virtual seminar on your tablet and get on a call on your smartphone you can easily switch your earphones’ connection to the phone by double pressing the power button – as simple as that!


The HUAWEI FreeLace Pro is also a great gadget for those who like to play games on their phones or tablets. Thanks to its low latency gaming mode, which allows the HUAWEI FreeLace Pro to greatly lower audio latency in games. When you see what you hear, you can rely more on your auditory senses to gain the competitive edge over your opponents in competitive games. Lastly, saving power of the HUAWEI FreeLace Pro is as easy as snapping the two earbuds together and laying them neatly on their chest. This lets the earphones automatically power down when the two earbuds are connected to conserve battery and when detached, the earphones automatically resume connection.

Fashionable Design

Designed for the young, trendy fashionistas and city dwellers alike. The HUAWEI FreeLace Pro comes in two colourways: Graphite Black, and Spruce Green. These earphones do not only come with great colours, which will match any combination of outfit you end up wearing, but they are also lightweight making them comfortable to wear all-day long.





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