Egyptian tourist investors hail Irish gov’t decision to resume flights to Sharm el-Sheikh as ‘positive step’


Mon, 15 Feb 2021 - 01:50 GMT

Tourists in Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh - FILE

Tourists in Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh - FILE

CAIRO – 15 February 2021: Tourism investors in South Sinai welcomed a decision by the Irish government to resume flights to Sharm el-Sheikh and ease travel restrictions.


Investors expressed their delight with the resumption of flights after a ban imposed as part of Coronavirus precautionary measures, ensuring that the decision will have positive impact on the industry, and will encourage other European Union countries to resume their flights too.


Chairman of South Sinai Investors Association Tamer Makram praised Ireland’s decision to reverse the travel ban imposed on its flights to Sharm el-Sheikh. He said: “It’s a positive step that reflects the Irish confidence in the Egyptian tourist destination, and confirms the importance of Sharm el-Sheikh as a unique tourist city.”


For his part, Rami Rizkallah, a member of the Chamber of Hotel Facilities in South Sinai and the Executive Director of one of the tourist resorts, considered Ireland's decision to cancel the flight ban to Sharm el-Sheikh a “very positive message,” explaining that the decision will have an echo in the European Union countries, which would encourage countries to resume their trips to Sharm el-Sheikh soon.


He added that there should be a direct flight line between both countries, to bring Irish tourists to Sharm El-Sheikh, indicating the need for the Tourism Promotion Authority to develop a plan to stimulate tourism movement when the government in Dublin.


Rizkallah announced the increase in the number of flights coming from Ukraine to the city of Sharm el-Sheikh for 15 daily trips as of February 20, due to the increase in tourist flows from Ukraine.



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