Mahdy’s content launches to produce creative content for entertainment industry


Mon, 26 Oct 2020 - 09:56 GMT

Mahdy’s content launches to produce creative content for entertainment industry

Mahdy’s content launches to produce creative content for entertainment industry

Egypt-based advertising company and creative production agency, mahdy’s, announced launching a new subsidiary company under the name of “Mahdy’s content” where original content is produced for film, cinema, TV series, and programs across the board. 
Drawing up on their 2-decade experience in the advertisement industry producing, directing and designing short stories, the expansion comes at a time where the entertainment industry is booming with new ideas, production and programs. 
This new subsidiary will focus on fresh, upcoming creative content to inject into the entertainment industries; film, cinema, TV, music, videos and more. This move comes as part of the strategic expansion by mahdy’s in several areas motivated by their stellar success in experimenting with the 'short story' form as an advertising concept to transit to the creativity of the larger and more varied forms of stories as well as visual narration, whether as a movie, series or video.
Tamer Mahdy, the eminent director of distinguished advertisements, has joined creative forces with Hisham Mahdy, the experienced production designer to fuel mahdy’s campaigns that established new unprecedented trends in the industry.
They both played an integral role as partners in the strategic direction of the creative content developed, which will continue in mahdy’s Content. 
“Enriching the industry depends on the introduction of fresh bloods and scouting new talents that are able to adapt to international trends,” stated Tamer Mahdy.
Bringing in his experience in production design, Hesham Mahdy, contributes in content creation advancing his decades of exposure in the industry with fresh interpretations of entertainment. He added, “We claim to have mastered the art of advertisements and intend to develop more creative content that rich in visuals with astonishing quality through mahdy’s Content”. 
As a start into this field, mahdy’s content is currently putting the final touches on a set of works that will be the first of its production to actually lead the industry towards unconventional content, including: a feature film, a new series with an innovative experimental template, and an animation series with a novel idea.
It is worth noting that the mahdys group owns a number of companies that contribute to achieving one vision, which is to enrich the content in all its visual and artistic forms, including: Mahdys Advertising Agency, V for Digital Services, and Mental Flame Design Company (the founder and owner of the Cairo Design Award).



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