Discussed: How Egypt protects routes of birds migrating from Europe to Africa



Mon, 16 May 2022 - 09:32 GMT


Mon, 16 May 2022 - 09:32 GMT

Birds migrating - CC via Maxpixel

Birds migrating - CC via Maxpixel

CAIRO – 16 May 2022: Egypt, especially the Red Sea, is one of the most important stops for birds migrating in the spring and autumn from Europe to Africa and vice versa.


A large number of them reach the shores of the Red Sea in search of food, where millions of soaring birds of various types arrive like: eagles, falcons, white storks and other birds.


The various agencies of the Ministry of Environment secure the migration path of birds through several specific programs, including the project for the protection and conservation of migratory birds. The Jabal al-Zayt area north of Hurghada is a key and anchored area for the passage of birds, and it is the area where the huge wind power plant operates through wind fans.


In the North Hurghada area, which is the area of ​​wind farms, through which coordination with the New and Renewable Energy Authority is carried out through circuits to monitor birds and their path points, as well as monitoring them through magnifying lenses.


Also, one of the ways to secure the path of birds is not to erect any longitudinal barriers in those paths, such as huge power stations, and to combat over-hunting for them, in addition to a monitoring program for these birds that know their numbers, as well as identify their types every year in the spring and autumn seasons.


The program previously monitored a million and half birds including: falcons, eagles, white storks and pelicans.


Birds of 350 different species pass through Egypt, where 100 of which cross the Red Sea.


The passage of these birds in Egypt is the best indicator of Egypt’s biological diversity and its effective efforts to protect natural environments.


The Red Sea is characterized by the presence of many different environments, including the marine, coastal and mountainous environments that suit many different species of these birds, whether migratory or resident, to complete the nesting process.


Flocks of migratory birds attract the attention of tourists to watch them in huge numbers that reach tens of thousands, as the Environmental Affairs Agency is making a map of the places where birds gather in the Red Sea.



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