Today in 2008: Al-Muizz Street was born


Mon, 22 Feb 2021 - 04:13 GMT

Part of the breath-taking Al-Muizz Street in Cairo, Egypt - ET

Part of the breath-taking Al-Muizz Street in Cairo, Egypt - ET

CAIRO – 22 February 2021: Located in Al-Azhar area in central Cairo, Al-Muizz Street is considered an open museum of Islamic antiquities. It houses a group of antiquities that date back to Fatimid Cairo.



Al-Muizz Street was officially inaugurated on February 22, 2008, to be one of the most beautiful open museums of Islamic antiquities in the world.



Al-Muizz Street crosses the city’s layout, extending from Bab Zuweila in the south to Bab al-Futuh in the north, parallel to the Gulf. It was called the Great Street and at a later stage the Kasbah of Cairo. The street divided the city into two semi-equal parts, and it was the political and spiritual center of the city.



Al-Muizz Street includes a constellation of the most beautiful Islamic monuments in the world, numbering up to 29 monuments that include mosques, schools, cemeteries, basilicas, madrassas, palaces, two agencies, three corners, two gates and two bathrooms.



Among the most prominent archaeological buildings in Al-Muizz Street are Bab Al-Futuh, Bab Zuweila, Al-Aqmar Mosque, Al-Sultan Al-Muayyad Mosque, Qalawun Mosque, and Al-Hakim Mosque, among many others.



Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities had recently completed the work of the first phase of the project to develop and raise the efficiency of lighting in the Al-Muizz Street in Al-Gamaleya district, within the framework of the ministry’s plan to develop and raise the efficiency of a number of archaeological sites in various parts of Egypt.










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