Media Center of Egypt’s Council of Ministers uploaded documentary film "The State of June 30, Citizenship is a Right & Life”



Thu, 07 Jan 2021 - 01:54 GMT


Thu, 07 Jan 2021 - 01:54 GMT

Documentary film "The State of June 30, Citizenship is a Right and Life” - video still (Media Center of Egypt's Council of Ministers)

Documentary film "The State of June 30, Citizenship is a Right and Life” - video still (Media Center of Egypt's Council of Ministers)

CAIRO – 7 January 2020: Throughout the ages, the Egyptian state has been a distinct model of national unity between the two weavers of the nation, Muslims and Copts.


However, the June 30 state represented a defining and bright turning point after the pace of efforts accelerated at all levels to build a state that promotes and consolidates the values ​​of citizenship, belonging, non-discrimination, and equality between the various groups of people in rights and duties, as well as providing a decent life for all citizens without regard to their religion or beliefs, everyone is equal.


These values​​constitute a buffer and a line of defense to face many challenges and attempts to stir up strife within the Egyptian society, and to preserve its security and stability.


In this regard, the Media Center of the Council of Ministers uploaded a documentary film under the name "The State of June 30 ... Citizenship is a Right and Life".


The film reviewed the most prominent features of the efforts to build a citizenship state in Egypt, in addition to monitoring the reactions of many Christian symbols and citizens regarding these efforts.


The documentary featured several praises to Christian leaders and symbols regarding the efforts made by the state and the facilities it provided in relation to the citizenship file, especially building, restoring and legalizing the status of churches, as well as taking serious and parallel steps in the fight against terrorism and the issue of construction and development, thanking both the President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly for these steps.



The Christian leaders emphasized that the law on building churches represents a quantum leap in Egypt's modern history, and that the president plays a major role in implementing citizenship on the ground, something everyone feels now.


The film also reviewed the opinions of citizens and their gratitude for the state’s keenness to build a church in every new city, and to provide all services to citizens in these cities in a way that guarantees them a decent life.


Moreover, the film also emphasized the file of the Holy Family’s Journey, where the efforts made by the various provinces through which the route passes were praised to develop and raise the efficiency of the infrastructure of the areas surrounding the 25 points of the route.


Also, the film indicated that the Egyptian people, with their unity and cohesion, thwarted many plans that aimed to kidnap the homeland and cause discord among the sects of society, speaking of how the people set the most amazing examples in defending their homeland and identity and protecting its sanctities, especially the churches.




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