Enani reviews Egypt’s archaeological accomplishments in 2020 to France 24



Tue, 08 Dec 2020 - 02:37 GMT


Tue, 08 Dec 2020 - 02:37 GMT

Egypt's Tourism & Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Enani - ET

Egypt's Tourism & Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Enani - ET

CAIRO – 8 December 2020: Egypt’s Minister of Tourism & Antiquities Khaled el-Enani, said that during the near past, Egypt have witnessed remarkable development in quantity and diversity of discoveries achieved for the most part through excavations and archaeological missions for workers of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities.


Enani said that among the most prominent recent discoveries was the unearthing of more than 100 coffins sealed more than 2000 years ago, in the Saqqara antiquities area, with mummies inside found in a state of distinct preservation, in addition to a large number of funeral finds.


Enani explained, during his television interview with France 24, that those currently responsible for antiquities in the Supreme Council of Antiquities are young people, most of them were trained, and many of them traveled outside Egypt, most of them holding a doctorate and master's thesis, in archeology and restoration.


“Today, we have leaders who have great experience and have been able to carry out great archaeological discoveries,” said Enani.


Furthermore, Enani pointed out that, in addition to the many archaeological discoveries, a large number of openings were held, all the museums that were opened and the archaeological sites that were developed in 2020 and before that, were completed through 100 percent Egyptian work and Egyptian funding.


The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities also reviewed what happened in 2020, saying: “On January 10, the Al-Fateh Mosque was opened in Abdin Palace, and on the same day the Jewish temple was inaugurated in Alexandria, and a few weeks later the first museum of antiquities was opened in Hurghada, and in March the first pyramid in the world was opened after renovation works were completed, which is the Step-Pyramid after a 14-year restoration project.”


Moreover, Enani pointed out that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated the Baron Empain Palace at the end of June, and in one day he opened three museums, namely the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum, Kafr El Sheikh Museum, and the Royal Chariots Museum in Bulaq at the end of October.


“At the present time, we are preparing for the opening of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, and the first museum in the City of Culture and Arts in the New Administrative Capital. All these projects are funded by Egyptians and completed through 100 percent Egyptian hands,” said Enani.


“When Egypt decided to postpone the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world, just like other major projects and events around the world got postponed, it was postponed for a year such as the Olympic Games and Expo. We hope that there will be no second wave of the virus as  we are preparing to finish the work.  We aim to have the museum ready in the second half of the year 2021, eventually inaugurating that genius museum,” explained Enani.


Enani also explained during the interview that work on transporting the royal mummies in a huge royal procession, started more than a year ago, in preparation for that procession that will express the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization.


The parade  includes 22 mummies of the greatest kings of the ancient world.  Smallest details were taken into account and will be a huge touristic event, where the mummies will come out at night, before lighting up the Tahrir Square, the obelisk, and the surrounding buildings, then proceed along the Nile River, until it reaches the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fostat, where the Ain Sira Lake was developed to become a tourist attraction.


“The launch of the event will be ready this week. We are waiting for the appropriate time that coincides with the repercussions of the pandemic, because we expect that Egyptians will take to the streets to watch this exceptional event that has not happened before, and will not be repeated after that,” stated Enani.











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