Egypt’s play ‘Al-Tok Wal Aswera’ to stage on Talea Theater on October 22


Sat, 17 Oct 2020 - 09:32 GMT

File: A scene from the play.

File: A scene from the play.

Egyptian play  ‘Al-Tok Wal Aswera’ (The Collar and the Bracelet) to stage on Talea Theater on October 22.


Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem granted the cast of the Egyptian play “Al-Tok Wal Aswera” appreciation certificates after the play won the best play award at Sharjah Theatre Festival. 

The honouring ceremony took place on Monday, March 11 on the National Theatre. 

Abdel Dayem also granted the play's cast the Ministry of Culture’s shields of honour. 

The play, directed by Egyptian theatrical director Nasser Abdel Moneim, previously won the Best Theatrical Directing award in the first edition of Cairo International Festival of Contemporary and Experimental Theatre in 1999.


The show was the production of the Theatre Art House. 

“Al-Tok Wal Aswera” revolves around a family that resides in a village somewhere in Upper Egypt and suffers from extreme poverty. 

The family eventually turns to myths and magic to improve their living situation.


This is a common thing in that part of the country and the reason is lack of education. 

The show, starring Fatma Mohamed, Mahmoud el-Zayat, Martina Adel, Mohamed Hassib, Sara Adel, and Eman Hussein, is written by Yehya Taher Abdullah.



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