Egypt’s tourism & antiquities min. inspects New Administrative Capital Museum on Sept. 20



Sun, 20 Sep 2020 - 04:59 GMT


Sun, 20 Sep 2020 - 04:59 GMT

Works are underway in Egypt's New Administrative Capital Museum - ET

Works are underway in Egypt's New Administrative Capital Museum - ET

CAIRO – 20 September 2020: Egypt’s Minister of Tourism & Antiquities Khaled el-Anani inspected the New Administrative Capital’s Museum on September 20, in order to follow up on the developments of its workflow in preparation for its opening soon.


During the tour, Anani was accompanied by Assistant to the President of the State for Financial Affairs Mohamed Amin, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri, and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Museums Scenario Ali Omar, along with members of the committee.


The visit included a tour at the main hall of the museum and the halls attached to it, inspecting the equipment of the several halls, as showcases are now being placed according to the scenario for the museum display of the artifacts.


During the tour, Anani directed the addition of more artifacts from various ancient Egyptian, Coptic and Islamic eras to enrich the museum display scenario and to give an integrated picture of the Egyptian capitals in the different historical eras.


He also directed to draw up a map of sites of the various Egyptian capitals throughout the ages, in addition to placing pictorial panels for all the current Egyptian governorates.


The museum’s external display area will also be developed to exhibit some artifacts and create a landscape design for green areas to be planted with papyrus and lotus flowers, the symbol of the north and the south in ancient Egypt.


The Egyptian minister of tourism and antiquities has stressed the necessity to expedite the completion of all scheduled works with the highest efficiency, promising intensive visits during the upcoming period to follow up on the completion of work according to the schedule set for it.


It should be noted that the museum narrates the history of the Egyptian capitals, as it consists of a main hall in which the artifacts of a number of ancient and modern Egypt capitals are displayed, numbering 9 capitals as follows:


First, to the right of the visitor, there are 4 capitals, namely Memphis, Thebes, Tal el-Amarna, and Alexandria.


Secondly, to the left of the visitor, there are 4 capitals: Fustat, Fatimid Cairo, Modern Egypt, Khedivial Cairo.


Thirdly, in the second level, which lays behind the statue of King Ramses II, a group of different collectibles that depict life in each historical period are displayed separately, such as toiletries, tools of war, and various correspondences.


The second section of the museum consists of a wing that shows the importance of the after-life in ancient Egypt. This wing comprises Toto's tomb, in addition to the hall of mummies, coffins and canopic vessels.





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