Egypt’s United Media Services to screen exclusively on its channels ‘Qatar’s War of Influence over Islam in Europe’


Sat, 15 Aug 2020 - 01:11 GMT

File: The documentary poster.

File: The documentary poster.



CAIRO - 15 August 2020: United Media Services announced that it will screen the French documentary entitled “Qatar’s War of Influence over Islam in Europe” on its channels in the upcoming period.


United Media Services had obtained the rights to exclusively screen this documentary after comprehensive negotiations because of the importance of the film’s content for Egyptian and Arab viewers.


The documentary was inspired by a book called “Qatar Papers: How the State Finances Islam in France and Europe.” 


The French documentary is written by political journalists George Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot who are specialized in political Islam and Middle East region issues.



“Qatar’s War of Influence over Islam in Europe” highlighted the role of Qatar in funding Muslim Brotherhood terroristic group in Europe. 


According to many newspapers and international websites, Doha tried to stop the screening of this film in Europe by all means, and failed, and tried to buy its rights through Al-Jazeera media news agency to ensure that it is blocked for the Arab viewer.


The 91-minute documentary was aired on the Franco-German television station ARTE on September 17 under the title of “Qatar, guerre d’influence sur l’Islam d’Europe (Qatar’s War of Influence over Islam in Europe).





The documentary assures that Qatari officials are in involved in money laundry to members of terrorist organizations.


This money laundry operations were performed in the form of sponsoring mosques, Islamic centers and schools. 






The film tackles Qatar power in Europe, financing a number of Islamist projects for the benefit of  Doha-based Muslim Brotherhood.


Malbrunot and Chesnot said that Qatari Charity was established to finance Muslim Brotherhood. 


In France, the Doha-sponsored charity owns An-Nour Center (Center An-Nour) in Mulhouse, eastern the country and near the Swiss and German borders.



The Muslim Brotherhood group is banned in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Moscow and many countries across the world because of their terrorist acts.




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