(El Barth stars) Magdy exclusive to ET: The greatness of martyr Aly Aly triggered my acting capabilities


Sat, 23 May 2020 - 06:38 GMT

File - A complied photo for great martyr Aly Aly and rising Egyptian star Tamer Magdy.

File - A complied photo for great martyr Aly Aly and rising Egyptian star Tamer Magdy.

CAIRO – 23 MAY 2020: Egyptian rising star Tamer Magdy provided brilliant performance to the role of great Egyptian soldier martyr Aly Aly who was one of the prominent champions of El Barth battle in the successful Egyptian series ‘’ El Ekhteyar’’ ( The Choice).

‘’ Aly Aly was a real champion with every sense of the word, he was 20 years old, what he did in El Barth battle was a real miracle, he prevented the terrorists from going up in the second floor, he was guarding the corpses of the other martyrs and was fighting even after he was shot, he died after receiving 30 bullets!!’’ Magdy explained.

Despite that Magdy wasn’t able to meet the great martyr Aly in real, he provided credible performance that triggered the audience feelings bringing Aly to life again.

Magdy conveyed how Aly was kind, sensitive, helpful, caring and loves everyone especially his leader and role model Ahmed Mansy.

‘’ My aim through my performance is to please Aly’s family especially his parents I wanted to make them feel that their beloved son is portrayed on screen as great as he was in real and that his heroic actions are now documented and will last forever through ‘’ El Ekhteyar’’ series’’ Magdy added.

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Magdy added that he will visit Aly’s family and ask them to consider him as one of their sons.

The highly successful Egyptian series ‘’ El Ekhteyar’’ managed in episode 28 to prove that it is not just a series it is a national documentation to one of the most heroic and immortal military battles in the Egyptian history and without exaggeration in the world history as well which is El Barth national epic.

El Barth is not just a military battle it is a tale of pride, bravery, strength, and the Egyptian champions who fought till the last breath.

The great martyrs and those who survived from our Egyptian army champions represent the true meaning of ‘’Fida’’, they chose to die with pride defending their homeland as they have always lived with pride.

They were injured, bleeding and dying yet holding their weapons and preventing those coward terrorists from taking their place or put their dirty flag on it.

These terrorists were targeting the late great Egyptian military icon Ahmed Saber Mansy who was like a thorn in their throats that prevents them from achieving their bloody plans.

Mansy was the commander of the Thunderbolt Forces who was killed during the clashes between Egyptian Armed Forces and militants as the army besieged the terrorists and foiled attacks that targeted a number of checkpoints in El-Barth village in Rafah, North Sinai in 2017.

This historical episode of ‘’ El Ekhteyar’’ series visualised this immortal battle in a brilliant way that made all the Egyptians and Arabs feel many contradicted feelings such as the pain, pride, happiness and grief.



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