Ramy Gamal announce his vitiligo condition, thinking of retiring


Tue, 12 Nov 2019 - 02:46 GMT

Ramy Gamal and Elissa - ET

Ramy Gamal and Elissa - ET

CAIRO - 12 November 2019: The singer Ramy Gamal announced that he was suffering from vitiligo, after white spots appeared in areas of his body.

The singer was not able to provide a cure for his skin disease. Gamal decided to share the matter with his fans, in order to help him take one of two decisions: either retire singing or be accepted by the public.



“"Praise is to God, who loved me to test me, and supported me with patience. White spots started to appear in my body and found out it was vitiligo. I tried numerous medications and went to several doctors, to no avail.” said Gamal in a post on his official Instagram account.

“I decided to accept the matter and go on with my life, especially after knowing that sadness or emotional distress could worsen the symptoms of the disease. People around me started to realize the white patches on my skin and asking me all sorts of questions; whether it is contagious and what I will decide to do regarding my career.” resumed Gamal.

“For a year now, I was trying to find ways to cover up the symptoms if I had to perform a concert or do some sort of filming. This caused stress in my life. A lot of people around me advised me to start a business or a different career because most people will not accept me the way I am. This made me think deeply about retiring.” continoued Gamal.

“This situation confronted me with only two solutions, whether to retire my singing career completely despite my great passion for it, or to accept me the way I am and have mercy on the people who are unfortunate with this disease without hurting them by making them feel different or weird. Thank God for the blessing of having a family, because they are the only people who provide unconditional love and accept you no matter what you may look like.” concluded Gamal.

Furthermore, Lebanese superstar Elissa supported Gamal after knowing his health condition, encouraging him not to over think the matter nor retire his singing career.

“It is unacceptable to retire or give up because of your skin condition. Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.” commented Elissa on Instagram.





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