WAMA returns with 'El Seif Ebtada' this summer



Sat, 10 Aug 2019 - 09:00 GMT


Sat, 10 Aug 2019 - 09:00 GMT

WAMA - YouTube

WAMA - YouTube

CAIRO - 10 August 2019: The cast of the album "WAMA" exposed the new album’s song entitled “El Seif Ebtada” (Summer started) scheduled to be released in the markets, social media platforms and YouTube in the coming days.

“WAMA” band consists of several singers who have united after years of separation. The band members are Ahmed Fahmy, Nadir Hamdy, Ahmed el Shamy and Mohamed Nour. The new song is written by Hany Ragab, composed by Madih Hassan and has a dancing vibe to it in line with the summer party moods.

WAMA were incredibly witty in choosing the lyrics of the songs that were well suited to the summer and sea atmosphere, as well as selecting the timing of releasing the album and the clips one after the other, especially that the clip “Shams we bahr” (Sun and sea) and “El Seif Ebtada” (Summer started) highly depend on a dancing tone very much suiting the summer parties in Egypt’s North Coast and other areas.

WAMA - El Seif Ebtada (Official Lyrics Video) | (واما - الصيف إبتدى (كلمات

WAMA - El Seif Ebtada (Official Lyrics Video) | (واما - الصيف إبتدى (كلمات Subscribe Now To Nogoum Records Official Channel https://bit.ly/2WQWx9M للكول تون أبعت 931 علي 9999 لعملاء أورانج أو أبعت 700351 علي 5555 لعملاء فودافون Lyrics by Hany Ragab | كلمات: هاني رجب Composed by Madih Mohsen |

The band first appeared in 2003, presenting numerous successful albums and songs, including “Ya Leil” (2003), “Ghalya Alaya” (2005) (Precious to me) ,“Rayha gaya” (2010) (Coming and going), in addition to “Kan yamakan” (2015).

WAMA has also presented numerous solo songs, including “Zay ma bahlam” (Just like my dreams), “Kan Nefsy” (I was hoping), “Hal el donya” (This is life) and “Masr el Habiba” (Egypt my love).

They also made a number of musical works for some films and series, including “Meshwar Taweel” (A long road) for the film “Tito” starring Ahmed el Sakka.



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