Mohammed Ramadan's 'Ana Mafia' makes 1st trend in 2019



Wed, 02 Jan 2019 - 03:31 GMT


Wed, 02 Jan 2019 - 03:31 GMT

FILE - Scene from "Ana Mafia"

FILE - Scene from "Ana Mafia"

CAIRO - 2 January 2019: “Ana Mafia” (I am Mafia), the latest song for super star Mohamed Ramadan, has taken all social media platforms by storm, and was the “most searched” on Google, making it the trend of the first days of 2019.

The clip achieved millions of views a few hours after its launch on Ramadan’s official YouTube channel.

Ramadan received appraisal from his fans on the clip, which he presented in a distinctive way.

FILE - Ana Mafia Dance
FILE - "Ana Mafia" Dance

The star presented a new dance in his clip, and hundreds of fans in Egypt and around the world began to copy it in different clips posted on social media sites.

Ramadan was pleased to upload numerous clips of his fans copying his dance.

fan comment to ramadan 2
Fan comment praising Ramadan

“You will always remain number one,” one fan commented on Ramadan's clip.

Fan comment to Ramadan
Another fan praising Ramadan

“Ana Mafia” comes after a series of clips the star presented during 2018; each had its unique style and lyrics.

Ramadan is an Egyptian actor and singer. He began acting while at school. He started his career with small roles in TV series like “The Cinderella”, until he had his big break in Yousry Nasrallah's “Ehky Ya Sharazad” (Tell me, Shahrazad).

Ana Mafia”:

Mohamed Ramadan - Mafia ( Music Video ) / محمد رمضان - مافيا

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