Egyptian film “Sheikh Jackson” to show at Cannes


Sun, 21 May 2017 - 09:44 GMT

"Sheikh Jackson" film poster - Press Material

"Sheikh Jackson" film poster - Press Material

CAIRO – 21May 2017: Egyptian film “Sheikh Jackson,” starring Ahmed El-Fishawy, will be screened at Cannes Film Festival.

The film revolves around a student who loves Michael Jackson's songs and imitates him in almost everything. This student has a strong relationship with a Salafist, which reflects the contradictions in his life. At the end of the film this student decides to go on an inner Sufi quest and look for answers to his existential questions.

The film’s poster, revealed by the production company, shows the protagonist, played by Fishawy, dressed as a Salafist sheikh and posed in a Jackson dance move, wearing Jackson’s signature hat.

The film also features Majid Al-Kadwani, Dorra, Ahmed Malik, Amina Khalil and Hazem Sharif. The film was produced by Hisham Abdel-Khaliq and Mohamed Hafezy and written and directed by Amr Salama.



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