Carlos & Los Latinos band to perform at Bab 18 Art Space


Sun, 18 Mar 2018 - 01:55 GMT

Screencap showcasing Latin folk Bolivian musicians, March 18, 2018 – YouTube/John Chen

Screencap showcasing Latin folk Bolivian musicians, March 18, 2018 – YouTube/John Chen

CAIRO – 18 March 2018: The Carlos & Los Latinos band will be performing at the Bab 18 Art Space on Saturday, March 31, 2018, featuring worldwide music such as jazz, gypsy and Latin folk music.

Latin American folk music refers to a rather broad range of musical traditions that originate from South America, or Latin America. They arise from the indigenous heritage of Latin America, which draws from influences such as European and African traditions as well. It is these combinations of influences that have helped ensure Latin folk is something unique and memorable; just one listen can give someone so much insight into a culture.

One of the most defining and numerous features present in Latin Folk is its combination with dance; indeed, it's impossible to imagine this music going along without some dancing. Examples such as Tango are known over the world, but there's also Argentina's Zamba (not to be confused with Samba), which combines guitars with a powerful drum known as the bombo leguero. Then there's Cumbia, a contribution from Colombia that emerged in the 19th century, and features a powerful percussion alongside large flutes. It's proven quite popular in Mexico as well.

When it comes to Latin folk, there's no other place as important for it as Cuba. Cuban Son emerged from the rural countryside of Cuba and continues to find a place even in the fast-paced modern world; if you know Salsa, you know Cuban Son.

Instruments from Africa play a large role in the Latin American folk music traditions, contributing to the largest use of percussion instruments. For example, Afro-Cuban music traditions utilize the Yoruban bata drums, while cone-shaped conga drums are found across Haiti, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and more.

With the urban lifestyle of the 20th century, came a synthesis of influences from Europe, Africa and traditional Latin American music to create the popular Latin music we all know and love today.

The Carlos & Los Latinos band is composed of Shereef Abdel Khalek (Carlos) as the vocalist, Peter Fikry on the Spanish Guitar and Mohamed Ali on the Classical Guitar.
The Bab 18 Art Space is an art and work space founded in 2016 that hosts a wide variety of art-based workshops, from music, acting, painting, reading, photography, patchwork sessions and more. Alongside its music concerts, the venue also provides for private spaces that allow for artists to work in peace.



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