'Mazzika Fel Share'a' redefines street art



Mon, 22 Jan 2018 - 09:31 GMT


Mon, 22 Jan 2018 - 09:31 GMT

The organizers of “Mazzika Fel Share'a” event playing music in street - Photo by Mira Maged.

The organizers of “Mazzika Fel Share'a” event playing music in street - Photo by Mira Maged.

CAIRO - 22 January 2018: A group of Egyptian teens roamed the streets of one of the busiest districts in Cairo, Zamalek. The group spread joy among people through an event that took place on Thursday, titled “Mazzika Fel Share'a” (Music in the Street) as they played vibrant music and cover songs, emphasizing the value of street art.

The group consists of four musicians, including Youaan George on guitar, Daniel Yasser on Cajon and John George on Tabla (Percussions).

People have cheerfully engaged with the music played; they danced, sang, and enjoyed two hours of pure happiness triggered by street music.

“We just wanted to breakdown the gloom in the Egyptian streets especially after the recent deadly attack on Helwan Church,” Youaan George, one of the organizers of “Mazzika Fel Share'a” (Music InThe Street) event told Egypt Today.

A lady joins the band with her dancing - Photo by Mira Maged.

Youaan said that they didn’t practice or prepare specific songs for the event as they were totally relying on what the audience in the street would choose on the spot. They played various covers for prominent musicians like Fayrouz, Mohammed Mounir and Shokoko.

Guitarist Youaan Geaorge playing various song covers - Photo by Mira Maged.

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People singing with the band in the street - Photo by Mira Maged.

Although they don’t know yet when they will repeat the experience, but they assured us that they will keep on trying to make people happy through art.



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