Online campaign: ‘The Answer Inside’ explores art and identity


Wed, 11 Oct 2017 - 02:35 GMT

Promo image via theanswerinside Twitter

Promo image via theanswerinside Twitter

CAIRO – 11 October 2017: A mysterious online viral campaign titled #TheAnswerInside has come to the UAE, asking one simple yet profound question; “Why are you, you?”

On their website, The Answer Inside, numerous influential figures from the UAE’s art world answer the campaign’s question in their own ways, putting out personal philosophies and life histories defining what made them who they are. Amongst them is Emirati novelist Yasser Hareb, who remarks in his video that the question is one of the most difficult in life.

“Before, in the old days,” Hareb states, “The Greek philosopher Socrates once said ‘Know Thyself’, because knowing yourself is considered to be one of humanity’s greatest achievements.”

Though the focus seems to be on the UAE, the site invites those from all around the world to answer the question, including Jean-Luc Martinez, the president of the Louvre Museum in Paris, who explains how a school visit to the Louvre at the age of 11 forever changed his life.

A countdown on the site points to October 16 as unveiling the true mystery behind this campaign, though it has already proven effective at providing an interesting online space for one of humanity’s most profound questions.



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