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Tue, 10 Oct 2017 - 12:30 GMT


Tue, 10 Oct 2017 - 12:30 GMT

Zahra El Khargy - youtube

Zahra El Khargy - youtube

CAIRO – 10 October 2017: In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Egypt Today sheds light on a number of Arab artists who were able to fight breast cancer and raise awareness about it.

Classical Egyptian actress Shadia

The Egyptian iconic actress/singer Shadia had a sorrowful story with breast cancer.
While staging “Raya Wi Skina” [Rayah and Skina] the play, she felt pain and illness attacking her. Undertaking the necessary medical examinations; Shadia was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She started the process of medical treatment after finishing her performance in the play. A part of her treatment processforced her to remove one of her breasts.

Shadia pinterest - File photo


Successful Egyptian actress Madiha Kamel suffered from cancer.
However, Kamel refused to succumb easily, and took cancer as a chance to reshape her life. She began medical treatment by removing the tumor, and subsequently quit a number of unhealthy habits such as smoking,which helped cure her.

Shortly, she was viciously attacked again by cancer,this time encouraging her to partake in a spiritual life. Unfortunately, she passed awayin the last days of Ramadan.

Madiha Kamel - File photo


Nahedal-Sherif is an Egyptian actress who had a tragic story with the illness. Sherif travelled abroad to pursue medical treatment, but due to the expensive costs of medication, came back to Egypt to continue working.

Because of the viciousness of the illness, she could not act or participate in any artistic works. Refusing to help her with the medication costs, Sherif’s husband left her to battle her illness alone, which led her to die in 1981 due to the lack of treatment.

Nahed el sherief - via Wikimedia

Fayza Ahmed

Fayza Ahmed is one of the most beautiful voices in Arabic music history. A tenacious woman; she did not allow her illness to stand in the way of her music.
Ahmed heavily relied on painkillers to continue singing and recording her songs;but in 1983, she finally succumbed to breast cancer.

Faiza_A7mad - via Wikimedia

Rim Banna

A Palestinian singer who faces the Israeli occupation and cancer with her astonishing voice, Rim Banna is one of the current feminine symbols of strength and resistance.

Her body was attacked by the illness twice. She was cured the first time, but unfortunately is currently being treated for its reoccurrence.

Rim Banna- File photo

Zahra al-Kharji

Kuwaiti renowned actress Zahra al-Kharaji had breast cancer in 2005, and she travelled to London to start her road of treament with her husband and family’s support.

Zahra El Khargy - youtube


The famous Egyptian journalist and interviewer Basma Wahba had a strong battle against cancer. She started her cure path in Paris and managed to defeat it.

Basma Wahba- File photo

Nora Rahal

The prominently beautiful Syrian voice Nora Rahaal had a battle with cancer in 2007. The early discovery of the illness helped in treating it.

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