Egypt’s band Sharmoofers performs a highly successful concert in Jeddah Season



Mon, 20 Jun 2022 - 01:59 GMT


Mon, 20 Jun 2022 - 01:59 GMT

File: Sharmoofers.

File: Sharmoofers.

Egypt’s band Sharmoofers performed a highly successful concert in Jeddah Season in Saudi Arabia on June 19.



During the concert, Sharmoofers presented a number of their most popular hits, including “El-Nameema”, “Easy Money”, “Khalas Hasaytar”, "Zamba", in addition to the songs of their  album “Enfesam” (Schizophrenia)which achieved great success.

Popular Egyptian band Sharmoofers performed in Dubai on March 18.


Sharmoofers performed in Alexandria on September 23, 2021.


Sharmoofers performed at El Sawy Culture Wheel on June 17,18, 2021.


Sharmoofers presented two consecutive concerts on June 17 and the same on June 18, 2021.



Sharmoofers performed two concerts on February 24,25, 2021, in El-Sawy Culture Wheel. 

The popular band celebrated the release of their album “Enfesam” in 2019.

The album included 9 songs, including “Kawkab”, “Hawa”, “Raqasat”, among others. 

The band also participated in the opening ceremony of the U-23 CAF, which was hosted by Egypt from November 8 to 22, 2019. 

Sharmoofers also participated in the first MEME festival for alternative music for 3 days (Jan. 9, 10, 11, 2020) in ZED Park with the participation of a group of distinguished Egyptian voices and a number of alternative music groups such as Cairokee, Downtown and Marwan Pablo. 

It is noteworthy that Sharmoofers won the British Boisdale Music Award as the best youth singing group in the world for the year 2019. 

Sharmoofers was named the world's Best International Band at the Boisdale Music Awards presented by British international musician, artist and broadcaster Jools Holland. 

In 2012, Ahmed Bahaa, Mohamed el-Arkan and Ezz Shahwan got together & formed Sharmoofers; since then they’ve been impacting the world’s youth with positive groovy music. 

Starting off online, the band’s music has managed to reach millions, and they have more than 588,000 followers on Facebook and are growing more popular on social media. 

They first performed on Bassem Youssef's “Bernameg” show in 2013 and then performed live at a concert at Al-Azhar Park in 2014. 

Sharmoofers are known for using unique lyrics, far away from the traditional common lyrics fans got used to. 

The Egyptian band is known for their spontaneous and funny ways of performing. Sharmoofers caused a state of havoc with their latest song “Zamba” which promotes breaking the daily routine and enjoying jolly music to avoid negativity and be happy no matter what. 

The band chose the name “Zamba” for their video clip. Red Indian style costumes with really shiny and bizarre colors were chosen for the clip. 

Sharmoofers surprised their fans recently after releasing their first romantic song, titled “Moftaked el Habiba” (I Miss a Lover), including a video featuring famous Egyptian actress Yasmine Raeis. 

The clip of "Moftaqed el-Habiba" was directed by Hady el-Bagory. Sharmoofers already won the following awards in their short career: 

• MEMA Awards 
• Digital Media Presence Award 
• ACA Awards nomination 

Band Members: 

-Ahmed Bahaa: Vocalist 
- Moe el-Arkan: Bassist 
- Ahmed Aly: Percussionist 
- Mostafa Kerdani: Drummer 
- Mohamed Labib: Saxophonist 
- Islam Ali AKA Solly: Trumpeter 
- Adel Mohamed: Percussionists





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