Former Minister of Defense Sisi: ’Egypt’s Army is protecting Egyptians not a specific regime’



Sat, 23 Apr 2022 - 09:39 GMT


Sat, 23 Apr 2022 - 09:39 GMT

File: Yasser Galal.

File: Yasser Galal.


El Ekhteyar ( The Choice) series part 3 continues to reveal facts and secrets every episode  

Former Minister of Defense Sisi ( Yasser Galal) said that  Egypt’s Army is protecting all the Egyptians not a specific regime.

”I don’t know who is ruling Egypt President Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood guidance bureau or Khairat el Shater” Sisi said critizing the performance of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

 Sisi added that Morsi has to know that he was a president to all the Egyptians not to Muslim Brotherhood supporters only.

“Egypt’s Army is protecting Egyptians not a specific regime” Sisi said.

Former Minister of Defense Sisi explained that Muslim Brotherhood revealed its intentions and became in conflict with all the political powers.

“El Ekhteyar” part 3 revealed many secrets including that Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat el Shater ( Khaled El Sawy) was in contact with an intelligence officer of a foreign country.


“We will send students from faculty of Law  and faculty of Physical Education to 6 months training, then they will secure Muslim Brotherhood headquarters” Shater said to the intelligence officer.

Shater added that these students will later join Muslim Brotherhood new army and they have enough weapons to arm their new army and more weapons are coming.

El Ekhteyar presented a leaked video to former presidential candidate Abdelmoneim Aboulfettouh saying:” I know well Hazem Abou Ismail, he is a good man but if he was the president it would have been a mere disaster.”





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