When can contestants apply for the Naguib Mahfouz Literary Award?



Sun, 27 Feb 2022 - 12:54 GMT


Sun, 27 Feb 2022 - 12:54 GMT

FILE - Late Naguib Mahfouz

FILE - Late Naguib Mahfouz

CAIRO – 27 February 2022: Many creators and intellectuals are anticipating applying for the Naguib Mahfouz Literary Award, which is announced by the Supreme Council of Culture.





Many are wondering when they can start applying for the award.





Many intellectuals in Egypt and the Arab world expect that the date of applying for the award will be during March, as was the case in 2021.





The value of the award is L.E75,000 for the best Egyptian novel, and L.E75,000 for the best Arabic novel.





Some of the standard conditions for participation:

  • The award is granted to the best published novels issued during the years 2019/2020 to Egyptians and Arabs residing abroad.


  • Contestants shall not submit the same novel to another contest until the contest result is announced.


  • The submitted novels must not be previously awarded in any previous competitions.


  • Contestants must submit four copies of the novel plus one in a PDF format.


  • Works are not returned after they have been checked.


  • Applicants must head to the competitions department at the headquarters of the Supreme Council of Culture to fill out the competition form and submit a brief printed resume.


  • Applicants must present a photocopy of the national ID card or a passport copy for non-Egyptians. 


  • Applicants must submit a bank letter with their account number.


  • The deadline for receiving works is April 15, 2022.



It is worth noting that contestants willing to participate but could not head to the Supreme Council of Culture to submit required documents could mail it to the following address instead:


1 Al-Gabaliah St. - Opera - Al-Gazeera - Supreme Council of Culture.





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