Egypt’s Black Theama to perform at El Zamalek theater on February 5



Mon, 17 Jan 2022 - 11:19 GMT


Mon, 17 Jan 2022 - 11:19 GMT

File: Black Theama.

File: Black Theama.

Popular Egyptian band Black Theama to perform at Zamalek theater on February 5.


Black Theama performed at El Sawy Cultural Wheel on August 6, 2021.


The popular Egyptian band performed at El Zamalek Theater on February 26, 2021.


Black Theama” is expected to present a wide variety of their most popular hits, including "Zahma", "Bahar", and “Lon el Kakaw” among others. 


Black Theama performed at Cairo Opera House on August 4, 2020.


The band released their mini album entitled “Lon el Kakaw” during 2019; the album consisted of five songs and achieved great success.


Black Theama” is known for presenting a unique singing style that expresses the problems and dreams of young people in Egypt.


They staged their first singing performances on August 7, 2004.




The three-member independent group was formed in 2004.


The band is comprised of Amir Salah el-Din, Ahmed Bahr, and Mohamed Abdo, who have collaborated in joint performances with other bands and musicians.


Singing in Egyptian colloquial Arabic, Black Theama produces politically charged music originating from Egyptian roots such as Nubian rhythms and other African-influenced sounds including R&B, hip hop, jazz, blues, funk, and reggae, and their songs are sung in Egyptian colloquial Arabic.


The group has previously stated that they do not want to simply present a Nubian approach on music, but to create an authentic expression of their identity as southerners and black Egyptians, and introduce the characteristics of the Egyptian society through their lyrics and music.


Black Theama works with a small budget, and their projects are funded by their loyal fan base.

Remaining independent, the group attempts to distance from mainstream commercial music, while staying connected with the audience.


Most of their songs are performed live and not released commercially.


Their second album, “Baniadmeen” (Human Beings), was released in 2015.






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