Happy birthday to the Queen of Naturalness Nelly Karim



Sat, 18 Dec 2021 - 01:21 GMT


Sat, 18 Dec 2021 - 01:21 GMT

File: Nelly Karim.

File: Nelly Karim.

Today is the birthday of the one and only iconic actress Nelly Karim.


Her beauty lies in her simplicity and all-time naturalness.


She is the queen of a very special acting practice of her own invention; “In order to act well, you shouldn’t act at all,” says the first rule of the guidebook. 

A strong independent and intellectual woman, a one of a kind genuine actress, an exquisite ballerina, and an outstanding mother and pure hearted person, she is the role model Nelly Karim. 

Born on December 18, 1974 in Alexandria to a Russian father and Egyptian mother, Karim starred in 17 Egyptian films and nine TV series. 

She has a number of respectable awards under her belt; Best Actress award at Cairo International Film Festival for her role in Enta omry (You are My Life) movie, Special Award from Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema for her role in Wahed-Sefr (One-Zero) movie, Best Actress award at the Arab Film Festival for her role in 678 movie, among others. 


Carthage Film Festival in it’s latest edition honored the Egyptian megastar for her overall work and in appreciation of her vast cinematic and artistic career.


 Karim has genuinely depicted the strength, the purity, the dedication and the heroism of Egyptian women in most, if not all, of her work, sending a message of empowerment to every girl and woman who watch her on the screen.






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