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Thu, 05 Aug 2021 - 02:35 GMT


Thu, 05 Aug 2021 - 02:35 GMT

Al-Gomhoriya Theater - Emad Soliman

Al-Gomhoriya Theater - Emad Soliman

CAIRO – 5 August 2021: During the summer, a large percentage of Egyptian families head to the cinemas and theaters, to escape the hot weather and enjoy various artistic performances.



ET monitors the most important theaters in Egypt’s capital, Cairo.



Grand Theater:


It is the most famous theater in Cairo. It is a carefully designed work of art used in large shows, and can accommodate about 1200 spectators.



The National Theater:


It is one of the theaters of Cairo, and is located in  Al-Azbakeya district. It was established by order of Khedive Ismail in 1869. The National Theater is considered one of the Egyptian cultural signs since it started its activity in the fifties and presented masterpieces of the world theater. It was then reopened in 1986.



Al-Talea Theater:


One of the well-known Egyptian theaters in the central Cairo area, and is affiliated with the Theater Art House.



Al-Rihani Theater:


One of the oldest theaters in downtown Cairo. The theater was brought back to life recently after being closed for many years. It is in the middle of a group of well-known movie theaters such as "Zawya" and "Karim".




Al-Gomhoriya Theater:



It is a wonderful theater located near the royal Abdeen Palace, and is affiliated to the Cairo Opera House. The theater can accommodate up to 800 individuals.




Al-Salam Theater:


One of the biggest theaters in Cairo. The theater hosts prominent theatrical performances. Al-Salam Theater can accommodate over 1000 spectators.



Small/Large Floating Theaters:


The Small and Large Floating Theaters are located in Egypt’s El-Manial district, on the banks of the Nile. They are affiliated with the Theater Art House.



Arabic Music Institute Theater:


It is one of the most famous theaters in Cairo and is managed with the latest technology and is perfectly suited to the performances of authentic Arabic music.




Artistic Creativity Center:


The Artistic Creativity Center is considered one of the most important theaters for theatrical actors. It has established a distinguished reputation as a fertile ground in which producers and directors see new talented actors. It is located in Egypt’s Opera House.




Al-Ghad Theater:


It is located on the Giza Corniche, under the supervision of the Theater Art House. Most of its shows are held with limited budgets.




El-Hanager Arts Center:


The El-Hanager Arts Center is a second venue in the Egyptian Opera House that presents independent and public performances. The center includes a small theater that presents public and independent performances by Egyptian and international artists.



Alhosabir Theatre:


One of the oldest theaters in Cairo. The theater used to host the performances of Egypt’s famous trio ‘Tholathi Adwa’ El-Masrah’. It can accommodate up to 500 spectators.



Al-Falaki Theater:


Al-Falaki Theater hosted exceptional performances for many decades.




Rawabet Art Space Theater:


Rawabet Art Space is one of the most important places in Cairo, which hosts many theatrical performances, films and music concerts. It also hosts art workshops, dance performances and various arts festivals.











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