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Egypt approves draft law for workers’ minimum periodic allowance

Thu, Mar. 26, 2020
CAIRO – 26 March 2020: Egypt’s cabinet approved Thursday a draft law stipulating a minimum for the periodic allowance for those subject to the civil service law.

It also granted a special allowance to those who are not subject to the Civil Service Law, in addition to increasing the additional incentive for state workers.

The first article stipulated that the minimum value of the periodic allowance due to employees should be LE75 pounds per month for those who are subject to the provisions of the Civil Service Law promulgated by Law No. 81 of 2016 due on July 1, 2020.

Whereas, the second article of the draft law stipulated that workers in the state who are not subject to the provisions of the Civil Service Law will be granted, as of the beginning of next July, a special allowance of 12 percent of the basic wage for each of them on June 30, 2020 or on the date of appointment for those appointed after this date with a minimum of LE 75 per month. “This allowance is part of the basic wage of a worker, and will be added to his wage from July 1, 2020.”

The third article stipulated that the additional incentive granted to employees who are addressed to the provisions of the Civil Service Law and the employees who are not addressed to it be increased monthly starting from July 2020 with cut financial categories by LE 150 per month for the fourth financial degrees or less, LE 200 per month for the third degree, and LE 250 pounds per month for the second financial degree.

"Likewise, LE 300 per month for the first financial degree, LE 325 for the rank of general manager/ senior, LE 350 per month for the high degree, and LE 375 per month for the excellent degree, or the equivalent of each,” according to the released statement.

“This incentive benefits those who are appointed from employees or workers after this date, and this incentive is part of the complementary or variable pay for each of them, depending on the circumstances. "
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