International financial institutions, donor agencies admire products of Egypt's Turathna Exhibition 2021


Mon, 11 Oct 2021 - 03:04 GMT

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi inspects the Turathna (our heritage) Exhibition for handicrafts on October 9, 2021- press photo

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi inspects the Turathna (our heritage) Exhibition for handicrafts on October 9, 2021- press photo

CAIRO - 11 October 2021: Minister of Trade and Industry Executive Director Ms. Nevine Gamea received a high-ranking group of international financial institutions and donor agencies during their visit to the third edition of Turathna Exhibition.
Inaugurated by H.E. Abdel Fattah El Sisi President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the exhibition is held at Egypt's International Exhibitions' Center from October 9-15. 
The group included Head of the European Union Delegation to Egypt, Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana to Egypt, Regional Director of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Egypt, representatives of Japanese Agency for International Cooperation, Regional Director of the Islamic Bank for Development Group in Cairo, Director of ILO Cairo Office, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Inclusive Growth and Innovation Team Leader in Egypt, and World Bank Financial Sector specialists. 
The donor agency group also encompassed Small and Medium Enterprise Program Team Leader at the Canadian Embassy to Egypt, UNDP Assistant Resident Representative for Inclusive Growth and Innovation, a high-level delegation representing the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC), and the Resident Representative of the Islamic Corporation for the Development of  the Private Sector  (ICD) affiliate to the Islamic Bank for Development Group.  
The representatives of donor agencies toured the exhibition's pavilions and were familiarized with the various collections of the products displayed that incarnate the Egyptian arts and innovation.
Minister Gamea said this visit by representatives of international financial institutions and donor agencies "actually reflects the great importance such institutions attach to supporting handicrafts in Egypt."
The visit also accentuates their keenness on proceeding with developing this significant sector and upgrading as well the skills of engaged workers and artisans.
Turathna Exhibition this year witnesses an increase in the number of exhibitors, and the active participation of the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and the Sudan with premium booths.
"This visit is a strong push that actually encourages artisans and entrepreneurs to develop their activities and render them competitive in international markets," Minister of Trade and Industry stated.
Minister Gamea also extended thanks to all these institutions and agencies for their sustained support to MSMEDA and its activities, especially, those pertaining to the revival of the Egyptian heritage, culture and arts. 
Meanwhile, EU Ambassador Christian Berger expressed admiration for the wide range of products, arts and masterpieces representing the Egyptian culture and their high quality as well in light of the magnificent expansion of the Exhibition that strikingly distinguishes its third edition. "These enterprises that are unique in hand-made skills and craftsmanship serve numerous sectors of villages and hamlets in Egypt and contribute to a large extent to creating jobs and improving livelihoods." Ambassador Berger said.
"The European Union is keen to invest in on-going cooperation with MSMEDA and forge more Egyptian-European partnerships with the aim of sponsoring and launching more activities that help attain the development endeavors in Egypt," Ambassador Berger added.
Within this context, the ILO Regional Director Dr. Basel Al Khateb commended on the third edition of Turathna Exhibition and its distinctive products and premium services for entrepreneurs. Dr. Al Khated moreover admired the booth allocated for "Business Service Unit "implemented through MSMEDA jointly with ILO to grant a bundle of free and selected technical and consultative services to business owners to enable them upgrade their businesses. He emphasized that such service is a real "take-off" phase that indeed helps start-ups develop and expand their businesses and make optimal use of their competitive edges. 
Furthermore, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Mr. Sylvan Merlin said Turathna Exhibition of this year witnesses a significant development in terms of doubling the number of exhibitors, the exhibition hall and engaged participants from Egypt and Arab countries - a fact that accentuates the great boom the Exhibition attained along its previous two editions. 
Within this context. UNDP Inclusive Growth and Innovation Team Leader commended on the on-going cooperation between MSMEDA and UNDP that covers the different developmental orientations launched by the Government of Egypt. UNDP Team Leader added there is a new stage of cooperation that is actually marked by more support to small and micro enterprises ahead of which come many technical and marketing areas that help enhance the stability and durability of these enterprises.
Small and Medium Enterprise Program group Team Leader at the Canadian Embassy to Egypt Ms. Eman Omran explained that the services granted by the Exhibition, particularly, the technical and consultative ones through the "Business Service Unit" are a major tool to bolster the sustainability of enterprises and ensure their success and development. This tool also enable these enterprises to become more competitive in world markets.
Representatives of the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) also expressed admiration for the products of exhibitors and their good quality and commended on the effective organization of the exhibition to accommodate such a big number of participants. They emphasized ITFC's keenness on sustaining cooperation with MSMEDA to channel different aspects of support to enterprise owners and create for them more expansion opportunities. 
In addition, Islamic Bank for Development repsenetative said MSMEDA's engagement in establishing exhibitions for entrepreneurs, namely, Turathna translates its constant efforts to develop the micro and small enterprise sector, generate job opportunities and improve living conditions and highlight as well the competitive edges of such enterprises. The Bank's representative also stressed that the importance the government of Egypt attaches to this sector encourages development institutions to enter into more cooperation with all the State's organs - including MSMEDA, and provide various forms of assistance to small and micro enterprises in Egypt.



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