Shaker hailed the level of cooperation with the German company in implementing a number of projects and programs in the electricity sector, citing the setting up of three mega power plants with a capacity of 14.4 gigawatts in only two years, which increased the capabilities of the Egyptian national electricity grid by 25 percent.

The Electricity and Renewable Energy Ministry is keen on establishing electricity linkage projects with neighboring countries, including Sudan, Jordan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus and Greece, Shaker noted.

The minister pointed to his ministry's participation in the presidential initiative of Decent Life by improving the efficiency of the electricity grid and services in the villages.

Meantime, Struve praised the remarkable and rapid development of the projects implemented by the Egyptian ministry and accomplishments achieved by the electricity sector nationwide in a short time, expressing his interest in boosting cooperation in the fields of renewable energy, improving energy efficiency and developing of electricity distribution and control centers.

The Siemens Middle East CEO pointed to setting up the National Energy Control Center in the New Administrative Capital (NAC) with a total investment cost of LE 840 million.

The center will control 228 power plants across the country including 72 ones generating power from various sources of energy with a combined capacity of 59.5 gigawatts.

He also lauded the Egyptian ministries' movement of their headquarters to NAC, expressing his country's readiness for offering its expertise and studies in several fields.

He also showed his interest in expanding Siemens investments in Egypt.