Worth 197 million euros, the agreements were in line with a state vision to implement development projects in the fields of energy and vocational training, and to encourage participation of the private sector and empower women, Mashaat said in a statement.

Two deals have been sealed with the German government, under which Berlin should offer Cairo a grant worth 57.5 million euros to fund ventures in the fields of energy, technical education, vocational training, administrative reform and sanitation, the minister said.

Such financial cooperation agreements are meant to help achieve the sustainable development goals, including good education, gender equality, suitable jobs, industry and infrastructure, peace and justice, the minister noted.

She added that 10 other contracts have been signed with the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) in the form of grants: 4 million euros to be offered to the Sports Ministry, 14 million euros to be offered to the Trade and Industry Ministry, and 8 million euros to build institutional potentials.

Three other grants worth 14.5 million euros, 14.9 million euros and 16 million euros will be offered to the Education Ministry.

One of the GIZ contracts also offers grants worth 6 million euros and 7 million euros to the Environment Ministry and Agriculture Ministry respectively.

The Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) should also receive a GIZ grant worth 10 million euros, while the Housing Ministry is set to get 3.5 million euros from the same corporation.