7 PR companies operate Brotherhood’s media wing to spread false news about Egypt: Expert


Thu, 17 Sep 2020 - 02:37 GMT

Former Supreme Guide of Muslim Brotherhood group during his trial - FILE

Former Supreme Guide of Muslim Brotherhood group during his trial - FILE

CAIRO – 17 September 2020: A dissident leader of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group Ibrahim Rabea warned that the banned group will be spreading false news and claims about the state during the coming period through their media wing, in an interview with Al-Dostour newspaper.


“The media wing affiliated with the Brotherhood is operated by seven U.S. and European public relations companies, four of which are funded by Qatar, and the other three are financed by Turkey, with a total $150 million,” he said.


The former group leader Ibrahim Rabea said that there is a scheme set by the group to obliterate facts, and falsify public awareness.  


“They will work [in the coming period] on shedding the light on the negatives so that citizens become frustrated,” Rabea explained.


Large divisions are being witnessed in the terrorist Brotherhood group following the dismissal of Mahmoud Hussein, the group’s secretary general, who is at large abroad. Hussein is controlling the group’s funds.


Sameh Eid, a researcher in terrorist groups affairs, assured that these divisions “will lead to significant fragmentation of the group.”


Eid also explained that Mohamed Badie’s mandate of the group started in 2010, and according to the group’s rules, it concluded in 2016.


He further referred to Essam Talima’s accusations of Brotherhood leaders of fraud, blaming leaders for previous grave political mistakes due to their statements.


Eid also claimed in his statements that there are members of the banned group, from Morocco or Gulf countries, “who pay lots of money as annual subscriptions, which at the end goes to Mahmoud Ezzat, who bought real estate in Turkey to help Brotherhood members to escape; however, these buildings were owned by [other MB leaders] Mahmoud Hussein, Mohammed el-Beheiri and Mahmoud al-Ibbari.”



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