The Hair Addict’s Haircare Winter Wonders: 5 Essential Tips



Fri, 05 Oct 2018 - 04:25 GMT


Fri, 05 Oct 2018 - 04:25 GMT

Photo: The Hair Addict Professionals and models: @makeuphqegypt, @nadasalib

Photo: The Hair Addict Professionals and models: @makeuphqegypt, @nadasalib

Winter is around the corner, and as much as you get cold in winter and want a hug, your locks need a little extra love too! The cold weather of the winter causes your hair to dry and strips your hair from its moisture; you will often suffer from brittle fly-aways and dry scalp. The solution for all of that is very simple! Say goodbye to dull damaged hair, and welcome shiny and healthy hair with these five essential tips that you can do in winter to give your locks the love they deserve.

1. Moisturizing
Since your hair and scalp are prone to dryness in winter, you need to regularly moisturize, be it through good conditioners, deep conditioners, treatments or masks. It is also better to go extra with the deep conditioner; twice a week will make sure to keep your hair nurtured with all the moisture it needs. Another perfect way to keep your hair moisturized is to start co-washing and lessen the frequency of using shampoos. Co-washing is the process of cleansing your scalp with conditioner instead of shampoo.

The Hair addict55
Applying conditioner

2. Moisture
Locking the moisture in is a way of creating a barrier between your hair and the weather which is ideal to stop the moisture from diffusing out of your hair. To seal the moisture in, use a few drops of a sealing oil like Jojoba oil or Sweet Almond oil after you apply your moisturizing products. Or, alternatively, follow the LOC method which stands for the order of applying your products “Leave-in conditioner, oil, cream”.

3. Applying Indirect Heat
To further enhance the effect of conditioner, deep conditioner, a treatment or a mask, start using steam or indirect heat such as a thermal cap. This way, you will open your hair cuticle and make it more receptive to moisture from your products. Direct heat like straightening your hair is not good and will dry your locks even more. However, if you still go to the hairdresser, make sure you’re at least using a heat protectant and always take care of the straightener’s temperature not to be too high.

The Hair addict25
Using the hooded dryer

4. Satin/Silk Pillowcase
Sleeping on silk/satin pillowcases is a transformative experience for your hair in winter and in summer too; you will notice the difference right away and kiss your frizz goodbye. The traditional cotton pillowcases that we sleep on are very absorbent, meaning that they will absorb some of the moisture from your hair overnight. Friction also happens between your hair and cotton, so this causes major frizz. A great way of eliminating the above is using non-absorbent soft materials like satin or silk.

The Hair addict333

5. Avoid Going Out With Wet Hair
Going out in this cold weather while your hair is still wet is a major mistake because wet hair is weaker than dry hair, simple friction on wet hair causes brittleness and breakage. So let it dry naturally before you go out, it’s better to use a microfiber towel as it’s soft on the hair and minimizes frizz. If it is necessary to go out with wet or damp hair, make sure to protect your hair and wear your favorite silk/satin scarf or a hat, or wear a protective hairstyle like a braid or a bun.

The Hair addict261
Using a cold-air diffuser

If you’re eager to know more customized tips according to your hair porosity, stay tuned for our next article!

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